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Health Insurance Instant Quote - Start the Process with a Health Insurance Instant Quote

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Health insurance policies for individuals and families are available from insurance companies licensed to underwrite insurance in the state of residence of the insured. Websites that provide premium quotes to the health insurance shopper provide price and coverage information based on very basic information. The postal zip code is entered to determine which companies sell insurance coverage in that state. Health insurance instant quote premiums are divided into smoker and non-smoker rates as the highest level classification. These two minor pieces of information will provide a list of possible insurance policies, and then more in depth research is required to complete the application process by choosing an insurance provider, considering the policy attributes, and fulfilling the requirements.

Websites provide either an online comparison service or a link to a reputable independent health insurance agent. After the general information concerning location and smoker status is entered, a list of possible policies and rates will appear. Comparison services will allow the shopper to check multiple policies that can be compared side by side on a subsequent page. The policy attributes for multiple policies will be displayed on the next page for easy viewing of the most important cost and coverage information. When the affordable policy is chosen from the list, policy details are listed. As the insurance shopper continues through the research process and inputs more information, the webpage will provide the insured’s information to a non-commissioned agent that represents dozens of insurance companies. Personal health insurance online quote websites provide price and policy information to the shopper and give a sales lead to the reputable independent health insurance agents that are subscribed to the website service. After contact with the agent is made either over the phone or through online chat, the most detailed information is exchanged between the two parties.

Premium is only one policy attribute included in the health insurance instant quote. Every policy will carry a deductible amount that the insured must pay each policy year prior to the insurance company paying any bills. Higher deductibles will lower the monthly premium amount, but must be evaluated against the annual family budget. The insurance policy will not cover any medical expense during the year until the deductible is met. Some medical expenses do not apply to the deductible amount, so those expenses will be paid out of pocket. Even after the deductible expense threshold has been exceeded, some plans require the insured person to pay a portion of every claim, called coinsurance. Higher coinsurance percentages will lower the monthly premium amount, but will raise out of pocket expenses for every doctor’s visit and hospital stay. Evaluate every expense covered by the insurance plan against the family’s medical needs. Understand that pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by health insurance policies.

The online health insurance instant quote is only the very first step in the complete application process. Medical records must be provided for every person that will be insured by the policy. Depending on previous health conditions, each member may be required to undergo a physical exam and blood tests to establish the current medical condition. When all of these steps have been completed, a final premium price and stated deductible and exemptions are provided to the potential insurance customer. The offer can be rejected and the process started again if the policy is deemed too expensive. Every attribute of the policy must be verified again to make sure that deductibles and coverage have not been adjusted to lower the premium amount just to get the policy underwritten and in force. Until the first premium check is written and applied to the policy, the insurance shopper is free to engage another insurance company that can offer better premium rates and coverage.

When seeking an online health insurance instant quote, realize that the premium amount provided is only an estimate given for a standard health insurance policy. Some people must be underwritten with special policies that cannot be quoted online because of certain conditions, including high blood pressure and tendency toward diabetes. Experienced insurance agents are able to recommend the best policies for special circumstances and find a company that can underwrite the policy. Online services are a good start, but more information is required prior to committing to the cost of a health insurance policy.

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