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Full Size Mattresses - When To Consider Full Size Mattresses

what is full size? full size mattresses for adults

For a long time, full size mattresses were the standard for adult rooms. However, many taller or bigger modern adults are finding that a full size mattress is a little bit too short and a little bit too small to allow two people to sleep comfortably. With a little bit of research, you can find out whether a full size mattress will work well for you and other members of your family before you make your purchase.

What Is Full Size?

A full size mattress is six and a quarter feet long and exactly 15 inches wider than a twin bed. Full size mattresses are frequently referred to as doubles as well. The length of a full size mattress is identical to the length of a twin mattress, so people who have trouble with twin beds being too short will have the same issue with a full size bed. Some full size mattresses are sold in an extra long format which adds an additional five inches to the length of the mattress to make it more usable for tall adults.

Full Size Mattresses For Adults

There are many situations where a full size mattress will actually work just fine for modern adults. For two normal weight people under six feet tall, full size mattresses can be a great way to put a comfortable bed in a smaller room. A full size mattress can be a great budget choice for an adult living alone, since the size allows for more comfort than a twin bed while still being less expensive than larger beds and easier to buy linens for. The option of buying extra long full size mattresses can frequently make a full size bed a great choice for just about anyone.

Choosing A Full Size Mattress For Your Child

Breaking from the tradition of buying twin beds for children and moving up to a full size mattress can be a great way to add comfort to your child’s room. Full size mattresses are perfect for letting an adult sit and read with a child before bed comfortably to put the child to sleep. A full size bed also gives your child a large amount of space to spread out in to be comfortable, and makes it less likely they will outgrow the bed as they age. Many parents who buy twin beds end up needing to replace them when children grow into their teens, while full size beds can frequently continue to be comfortable through the end of college.

While full size mattresses are not for everyone, there are many situations where a full size bed fits perfectly. Consider a full size mattress if you’re furnishing a small room, and remember that the extra long option may be able to help adults solve a bedroom space concern without moving up to queen. Trying a mattress in the store can be a great way to get an idea of the exact size of a full size mattress before purchase if you are worried about whether or not one will be comfortable for you.

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