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Massage School Therapy - About Massage Therapy Schools

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Massage therapists are becoming more sought-after, as Americans come to need their services more often, and massage becomes accessible to the average consumer, due to a lessening of prices over time and a greater degree of medical coverage for many with insurance. Massage therapy is becoming a career choice with a good opportunity for growth. However, it is nearly impossible to obtain positions as a massage therapist without first receiving a certification. To obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for this certification, which often awarded by state-level licensing boards, it is almost essential for aspiring professional massage therapists to attend message therapy schools and complete an established program of study for massage therapy.

The average curriculum of a massage therapy school program includes a number of general study requirement courses. These are usually divided between the areas of basic biology or medicine classes and massage skill-oriented courses. On the medical side, massage therapy school students are often required to successfully complete at least some basic coursework in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology. Students then complete both basic and advanced-level courses in massage techniques. There are a large number of different styles and methods of massage therapy available in the United States today, both traditional and contemporary. Students in massage therapy school certification programs will often receive instruction and training in a number of different styles and techniques.

There are often additional components included in the program requirements of massage therapy schools. Students generally must complete an assessment at the end of their program to demonstrate their skills, and some programs even require assessments earlier in the program to test the level of a student’s abilities at that point in their education. Further, it is a requirement in the majority of massage therapy training programs to spend a certain number of hours getting “hands-on” experience- that is, spending a large amount of time over the course of the study program practicing massage techniques without pay, often on friends and family members.

For students considering entering programs at formal massage therapy schools, an application process is usually involved, and may include an interview. The costs of massage therapy programs are significant, and are often comparable to the costs of any other higher education or vocational training program. Massage therapy school programs leading to certification may last anywhere from six months to two years, and students can often choose to enroll either full- or part-time.

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