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Livonia Homes For Sale - Facts to Consider Before Seeking Livonia Homes that are for Sale

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Any time that you decide you want to move into a new town, it is important to do some basic research before you start looking at available homes. If you are considering looking for Livonia homes that are for sale, start by taking into consideration some of these facts about the area. Livonia is a fairly small town in Michigan. The population in 2009 was roughly ninety thousand. The population shrank by eleven percent from 2000 to 2009, and the population density is fairly low at twenty five hundred people per square mile. If you enjoy living in an area where there are not too many people, Livonia may be a good choice. The overall population is slightly older that the national average, with half of the residents being over the age of forty.

If you bought one of the Livonia homes that are for sale, you could expect most of your neighbor’s homes to bring in an income of nearly seventy thousand dollars a year. The per capita income is just under thirty thousand dollars. Half of the homes in the area are valued at over a hundred and eighty thousand dollars. A nice feature of the town is that it has a relatively low cost of living. In is indexed at about eighty six, compared to the national average of one hundred. Property taxes amount to about 1.7 percent.

As far as education goes, almost ninety percent of the people who are over the age of twenty five and are living in the town have at least a high school diploma. Just under a third have a Bachelor’s degree. About ten percent have a graduate degree. The unemployment rate is fairly low at just over three percent, and the average transit time from home to work is only about twenty two minutes.

If your proximity to people who have a similar marital status to you is a deciding factor in whether you wish to look for Livonia homes that are for sale, the fact that over sixty percent of the people over the age of fifteen who live in the town are married may be of interest to you. Only half a percent of the population is currently separated. Eight percent are divorced, and about the same amount are widowed. Twenty three percent of the population has never been married.

About seven percent of the population was born outside of the United States. Three percent are from Europe, just over two percent from Asia, and one percent from Canada.

If it is important for you to have a large city nearby, then going after Livonia homes that are for sale might be the right choice of action for you. Detroit, Michigan is only thirteen miles away, with a population of almost a million. This can be either good or bad news depending on the way that you feel about big cities.

Are you looking for a place to live with a low crime rate? Looking for Livonia homes for sale in the area might be the right decision in that case. The crime index fell from 206 in 1999 to 154 in 2008, while the national crime index was higher, falling from 339 to 293. This held true for all major crimes. The low crime rate persists despite a relatively low ratio of police, with 1.6 officers for every thousand residents.

If you bought one of the Livonia homes that are for sale, you would discover that about a fifth of the men living around you worked with transportation equipment. Eight percent work in professional fields, another eight in construction, four in the food industry, four in education, and four in the metal industry, with three percent working in machinery. For the women, sixteen percent work for the health industry, thirteen percent work in education, nine in the professional fields, eight in finance, six percent worked with food, five with transportation equipment, and three percent worked in support, administration, and waste management.

The summers in the area are slightly cooler than the national averages, and the winters are quite cold. Daily highs in the summer reach a peak of about eighty five degrees on average, and daily lows reach a bottom of close to fifteen degrees on average. Snowfall reaches about eleven percent, sunshine is somewhat below average, and wind speed is a little high.

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