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Hotel Collection Bedding - How to Find Hotel Collection Bedding

quality fabric count linens

Whenever the traveler finally reaches the hotel room or shipboard suite and falls into bed, a slight hesitation interrupts thought to admire the quality of the linens. At breakfast in the dining room the next morning, comments are made about the incredible sleep quality and the fact that only the bedding could be credited with such comfort. The day’s activities are enjoyed and the tired traveler looks forward to another great night of sleep, and then the thoughts begin to wander. If one wanted to purchase hotel collection bedding, how would one go about: defining what it is, finding the companies that make these linens, and which retailers offer these goods to the public.

When seeking to purchase hotel quality bedding, only the discerning shopper will look past the label to the attributes of the fabric. Thread count, yarn size, and ply combined determine the quality and thickness of the fabric. A claim of 200-thread count is not meaningful if the yarn size and ply are not provided. Thread count means how many threads are in a square inch fabric. Knowing the yarn size, normally between 40 and 100 where the higher number means finer yarn, will reveal how dense the fabric is within the same square inch. Ply refers to the weave of the fabric and reveals the weaving method used to make the fabric. So a thread count of 400 with a yarn size of 100 in a 2-ply weave will produce very heavy fabric that makes luxurious sheets. Another consideration is the percentage of natural fibers within the fabric. While some labels claim to use Egyptian cotton, the most valued cotton on the market, there might be only five percent of the fibers that are actually Egyptian cotton. Natural fibers tend to wrinkle more easily, but they also provide the most hypo-allergenic and softest sleep surface.

Companies around the globe have been making hotel collection bedding for decades. Frette, an Italian company, uses a combination of Swiss and Egyptian cottons and Italian and French linens in the perfect combination and weave to make luxurious bedding. Bellino, another great Italian company, makes some of the most unique sheets and bedding sets and even provide custom patterns and colors to large customers. Anichini, based in Vermont, USA, uses silk fabric, cashmere, and the finest cotton to produce the quality bedding components. Peacock Alley, an American company based in Dallas, TX, boasts 500-count Egyptian cotton sheets and bed coverings in natural and white linens with some pastels in the product line. Pratesi, an Italian company, has the most available bedding products with its own retail outlets around the world. Yves Delorme, a French company considered the oldest textile manufacturer with a history going back to 1845, produces embroidered bedding products and woven jacquards. All of these companies sell their best products to luxury hotels and cruise ships around the world. All of these products are available to the public.

Traditional brick and mortar and online retailers offer hotel collection bedding. Knowing what to look for is more important than the name of the store. When the label provides only a thread count, seek more information before paying an exorbitant price. Remember that all three aspects of the fabric are required to understand what you are purchasing. While staying in a luxury hotel or vacationing on a cruise ship, if you notice the quality of the sheets, look for the tag that has the brand name. Talk with someone in housekeeping to find out the brand name of the linens and the source. Then pursue your search based on the manufacturer name. Just because a store or website offers hotel collection bedding by title does not mean they will possess the quality you are seeking. Notice that most hotels use light-colored or white sheets because of the need to launder very large quantities in combined loads. Dark colors are harder to find in the highest thread counts.

Be a very savvy shopper when seeking to purchase true hotel-quality bedding. Look closely for all the information required to categorize bedding as genuine hotel collection bedding. Prepare to spend significantly more money for this level of quality. The useful life of these linens is much longer in the private home than you might expect. If you tire of décor in just a couple of years, consider purchasing only the highest quality sheets, and then use a standard comforter. Invest in the high-quality bedding items that you plan to use for years.

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