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Kohler Shower Door - A Kohler Shower Door Can Help Bring New Life to Your Bathroom

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Kohler has a stellar reputation in the world of baths and showers. With a design that evokes beauty and luxury, the bold look of a Kohler shower door continues to beckon to customers seeking to add beauty to their homes. With designs fashioned to complement a wide range of environments, their unique look continues to draw buyers in, even in a depressed economy.

New trends show customers changing from shower curtains to doors as the means of controlling water spray. Kohler’s designs are evolving to provide a level of luxury akin to the beauty and comfort found at most spas. These functional works of art use ClearCoat Technology to provide a smooth and water-tight protection while repelling water and mineral buildup, creating a look that will last a lifetime.

Kohler provides their shower doors in several beautiful styles:

Pivotal (Swinging) Doors

With a sophisticated design, these doors provide an open environment that is easy to access. Providing an interesting architectural design element, pivotal doors create a sleek and clean look. Available in either framed or frameless options, they can be installed to open from left or right. Adaptable to a variety of different shower plans, these Kohler shower doors deliver sophistication to the bathroom.

Sliding Doors For the Bathtub

These doors work well in modest spaces, providing smooth and quiet sliding motion. They are available in a range of styles. Featuring two overlapping doors, they are easy to install and offer a practical yet elegant look for a smaller bathroom. Available in framed or frameless options, they can accommodate larger spaces as well.

Sliding Shower Doors

Fitting well in almost any space, these doors provide the same quiet and smooth action as their bathtub counterparts. A Kohler shower door in this style offers such design elements as towel bars as well as line matched detailing. Available in many elegant styles, these doors remain a popular choice with many customers.

Corner Shower Doors

For customers who have round or angled showers, these doors are the perfect choice. They are offered in an array of styles such as walk-in, rectangular, round and neo angle. They also come with hardware that resists rust and corrosion. They offer elegance in bathroom environments that range from classic to modern. As an additional design element. Kohler offers the choice of left or right swinging doors for optimum convenience as well.

Steam Shower Doors

Steam showers have moved from the gym to the home in the past few years. Many homeowners are now enjoying the elements of steam showers, and want the best choices for this luxurious home addition. Kohler offers steam shower doors in either pivot or sliding styles, depending on the size of the shower enclosure. They provide a tight seal which holds in steam while resisting buildup of residue, making cleaning time faster and easier. With a Kohler shower door like this, the customer can design a space that reflects elegance with functionality. Some models come with an adjustable top panel for venting.

Bath Screens

Comprised of panels that extend to nearly four feet, bath screens offer an option of providing effective water shielding that can be folded up when not in use. The screen provides similar shielding as a shower curtain. Designed to pivot into the bath, the screen ensures water will stay in the tub and not leak onto the floor. Bath screens make an excellent alternative to shower curtains, especially when designing a modern bath.

Choosing a Door Style

When choosing a Kohler shower door, it is important to decide on what space will be used and to get the proper measurements for this space. Once this has been established, selecting a shower style will dictate what type of door will be used. Deciding on a glass and door style is the next step.

Frameless doors are heavier and eliminate the need for structural framing, creating a clean and sleek look. Framed doors are fitted into an existing frame for solid operation with a variety of hardware options to match the bathroom.

A Kohler shower door is a beautiful way to accent a bathroom, no matter the style. The bold look of Kohler is a strong statement for any bathroom design.

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