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Dining Pool Table - Dining on the Pool Table?

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Even in the largest home, a pool table standing unused in the game room begins to grate on the homeowner’s nerves when a large dinner party is being planned. Strategies are discussed to use that flat surface without damaging the felt or scarring the beautifully carved wood around the sides. Until recent years, the only way to use the pool table for anything but a game was to risk spills and scrapes, so most people just shut the game room door and improvised in the other rooms of the home. Designers have developed ways to convert the table into a dining table, other game tables, and maintain the original beauty that is the trademark of the finest billiard tables.

Simply adding a tabletop seems to solve the problem and allow the pool table to serve as a large dining table for groups of people who wish to sit down to a meal together. While the tabletop served the purpose, the stout legs and deep sides were difficult to maneuver chairs around. The height of a pool table is also higher than the standing dining table. The dining pool table is designed specifically to address space limitations in the room as well as comfort when dining. Many of the tables that will be used for both dining and games have benches for seating many people while being easily stacked against the wall when the table is converted for the pool game.

While the pool table is concealed underneath a dining tabletop, other games are also offered inside some dining pool tables. Board games are painted on both sides of flat boards that match the table dimensions and can be flipped over. One of the most popular additional game tabletops is the poker table. All of the games are concealed between the pool tabletop and the dining table.

Some of the most unique designs have retained the beauty of the pool table while blending into the formal setting of a dining room. Removal of the dining top varies from folding the top one or more times, to flipping the entire surface, to simply lifting the entire top to be set against the wall while the games are played. One design is glass and has a transparent top and visible storage displays the billiard balls in full view. Another unique design is made of shiny aluminum for a sleek, modern appearance.

A dining pool table will allow for multiple uses in the game room or the dining room. This one multi-purpose piece of furniture is a great use of space in the home for large gatherings. Friends and family will marvel at the versatility and will enjoy the time spent around either table making great memories.

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