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Micro Trend Antivirus - An Inside Look an Micro Trend Anti Virus

micro trend titanium internet security micro trend titanium maximum security

Trend Micro AntiVirus is one of the leading antivirus programs when it comes to protecting personal computers from many of today’s security threats. Trend Micro AntiVirus is often misspelled as Micro Trend Anti Virus. In recent years, Trend Micro has designed a handful of different internet security software packages that are individually programmed to protect a wide range of computer users, including casual home users, small to medium business owners and large corporate enterprises. In addition to the original Trend Micro AntiVirus, or Micro Trend Anti Virus, Trend Micro now offers security solutions for online threats like spam, spyware and adware. Here is an inside look at the basic features of Trend Micro AntiVirus, as well as some of the other Trend Micro security programs that it now bundles with its antivirus program.

Micro Trend Anti Virus Features for Home Users

Trend Micro defines a home user as anyone uses between one and five computers for all of their computing needs. The basic home edition of Trend Micro AntiVirus offers users the comfort of real-time updates of virus definitions as soon as they are defined and can be scheduled to run whenever it is convenient for computer owners. The user interface on this addition is particularly easy to use and allows users to monitor their computer’s security without any technical knowledge. This program has a particularly light demand of a computer’s resources that makes it easy to run more demanding programs even when the antivirus program is running.

Micro Trend Titanium Internet Security

Although Trend Micro AntiVirus offers home users protection from viruses and many types of spyware, computer users who spend more time online or use a high speed internet connection should strongly consider investing in some extra layers of protection. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security allows computer users to put powerful parental controls that will limit younger user’s access to the internet. This package also features an optimization service that ensures that the Windows firewall is doing its job and notifies users of any unauthorized changes to commonly used applications.

Micro Trend Titanium Maximum Security

Power users who use their home computer to do most of the banking or handle other sensitive personal information can upgrade to Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security in order to ensure that their computer system with total protection. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security helps computer users enjoy complete data theft protection by keeping personal information safe and permanently erasing sensitive files as directed. This package has the added benefit of offering antivirus protection for all of the leading smartphones, which many industry experts believe will be the next major front in online security and virus protection in the years to go. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security also gives computer users the option to backup up to 10 GB of data using Trend Micro SafeSync’s technology.

Micro Trend Anti Virus Features for Small to Medium Business Owners

Trend Micro defines a small business as consisting of 5 to 100 computers and a medium business as consisting of 100 to 1000 computers. Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security is designed to provide antispam and antivirus protection to businesses that are operating on their own servers and exchanges. Their security solutions for medium businesses is designed to eliminate constant problems like spam so that a company’s IT staff can focus on more pressing concerns. Trend Micro’s AntiVirus packages for small to medium business owners also offers hosted security solutions can be expended to scale as a business’s computing needs expand over time.

Micro Trend Anti Virus Protection for Larger Business Enterprises

Trend Micro defines an enterprise as any business that requires more than 1000 computers in order to operate, and they have an entire line of Trend Micro Enterprise Security antivirus solutions that are designed to provide solutions to the complex computer security problems that these businesses face. As most business owners understand, there are new computer security threats that appear on the internet every second, and enterprise managers need to stay ahead of the curve in order to ensure their network’s security. In addition to traditional computer viruses, Trend Micro Enterprise Security provides comprehensive network protection from active malware, bots, data stealers and worms.

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