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South Lake Tahoe Homes - Buying a South Lake Tahoe Home

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For many people, now is the time to purchase a new home. With a housing market that has flat-lined over the last 18 months, many people are taking advantage of these all time low housing prices by purchasing either a first home, an investment home, or simply a second home. Another aspect that makes the present one of the best times to purchase a home is the fact that mortgage rates are also at historical lows. Both of these factors make the prospect of purchasing a South Lake Tahoe Home more tempting than ever. Even investment and second home mortgage rates are falling in the 6% range, which is almost unheard of. South Lake Tahoe is home to many resort areas that sit at the base of the many ski slopes in the Lake Tahoe area. Also, the town is said to be one of the most luxurious ski towns west of Colorado that has world class shopping on quaint city streets. For those looking to purchase a South Lake Tahoe home, he or she should expect to see prices starting at $200,000. However, there are still building lots available for those that are looking to design and build there own luxurious dream home. Whatever the reason, South Lake Tahoe is one of the hottest ski countries in the United States.

Building Lots
There are a number of building lots still available in the Lake Tahoe area. These building lots may be in a development that has already been established. For instance, there are many 1/2 acre lots to build on. These lots of 1/2 acres or less can be found in a number of gated communities situated just outside of the South Lake Tahoe area. These lots may start out around $98,000 for spaces that have yet to be cleared. Some lots that are found in these communities may have restrictions that accompany them. Many developments have restrictions such as the size of the home, the number of out buildings, and outdoor decorations. Also, many of these developments have home owners fees, which some people may not figure in when he or she is calculating their total monthly mortgage payments. Building lots over 1/2 of an acre are located in more rural areas of South Lake Tahoe. These areas may not be near the shopping areas or urbanized portions of South Lake Tahoe. Rural areas may hold building lots that are over 5 acres where one should expect to pay at least $20,000 for these pristine building lots.

South Lake Tahoe Homes
For those that are looking for a simple home such as a three bedroom, two bathroom primary residence, there are a number of choices in the South Lake Tahoe area. These homes will start out around $300,000 and have around 1000 – 1400 heated square feet. Montgomery Estates has a home for just under $350,000 that is 1163 square feet. The house is nestled in the western pines, Aspen trees, and great boulders that are found all over the Lake Tahoe area. The home features three bedrooms and one bathroom. Built in 1963, the home has been recently remodeled with contemporary appliances, tile and hardwood floors, and new kitchen and bathroom counter tops. This home is great for those families looking for a winter wonderland escape or even the growing family looking to upgrade from their current two bedroom, one bathroom home. This home is considered an average price for homes in the Montgomery Estates area.

Luxury South Lake Tahoe Homes
When price is of no concern, one should look at one of the many luxury South Lake Tahoe homes. In the South Lake Tahoe area, luxury homes surprisingly are considered with as few as four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Houses of this size are currently averaging around $2 million depending on what type of options one chooses. Granite counter tops and Italian marble tile generally abound in these South Lake Tahoe Luxury homes while many houses have private pools and hot tubs. Most of these homes are located in areas known for their back country skiing and hiking.

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