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Homes For Sale Vancouver Wa - Facts Concerning Homes for Sale in Vancouver, WA

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Before deciding if you want to relocate to a new place because of a few things you might have learned about a location, it is important to seek out some of the information that is available about the place in order to decide if it is right for you. If you’re considering the idea of looking for homes for sale in Vancouver, WA, take a look at some of the following data to ensure that this is what you want.

Vancouver, WA is a medium size city, with a population recorded in 2009 of over a hundred and sixty five thousand. The population is growing steadily as well, increasing in size by about sixteen percent over the previous ten years. The ratio between men and women in the city is roughly average. The people who live here have an average age that is slightly lower than that of the general population. Almost half of the people who live in the city are younger than thirty three. The number of people living in any given area is about average, with thirty nine hundred people per square mile.

If you were to buy one of the homes for sale in Vancouver, WA, you could expect to have fairly prosperous neighbors. Most of the homes located within the city earn over fifty thousand dollars a year. The per capita income in 2008 was twenty five thousand dollars. The majority of the homes in the city have a value of more than two hundred and forty thousand dollars. New homes for sale in Vancouver, WA, average a price tag of about two hundred and sixty five thousand dollars. While not good or bad, the cost of living in Vancouver is very near the average, indexed at ninety eight, in comparison with the average across the nation which is one hundred. The property taxes are fairly low, resting at 0.9 percent.

One factor that might be relevant to whether or not you want to live in one of the homes for sale in Vancouver, WA is whether or not the people in the area have a similar marital status. Among the sector of the population that is older than fifteen, fifty two percent are in a marriage, with two percent of the population separated. Fourteen percent are divorced, and six percent are widowed. Just over a quarter were never married.

If you bought a home for sale in Vancouver, you could expect eighty six percent of the people in your area older than twenty five to have a high school degree. Twenty two percent would have at a Bachelor’s degree at minimum, seven percent would have a higher degree, and about seven percent would be unemployed. You could expect that it would take about twenty three minutes to get to work from home.

Twelve percent of the population in the city was born in a foreign country, with five percent being from Europe, about four percent from Asia, and 2.5 percent from Latin America.

If you feel the need to live close to, but not in, a big city, Vancouver is a good choice. Portland Oregon, with a population of over five hundred thousand, is only eight miles away. Of course, for some people this might be more of a deterrent than an attraction. There are plenty of work opportunities within the city, however, as forty seven percent of the people work and live in the city.

The crime rate in the city is slightly higher than the national average. The figures certainly aren’t terrifying. In 2008 the city displayed a crime index of 322, compared to the national crime index which is 293. Nevertheless, it had a higher crime rate than the national average every year throughout the time period between 1999 and 2008. The murder rate was below the national average in all but one year during the period, as was the case with robberies.

Just over a tenth of men working in the city earned a living in the construction industry. Six percent worked with computer technology, five percent with food service, four percent in the professional industries, another four in administration, support, and waste management, three in education, and three percent more were truckers. Among women, fifteen percent were involved in the Health Care industry, ten percent in education, ten more in food service, six in finance, five in the professional sector, four in public administration, and four in support and waste management.

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