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University Degree Courses - Most Popular University Degree Courses

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Choosing a college major is a significant decision in a young student’s life. The decision requires significant thought about the direction they wish their life to take after school and potential career paths after graduation. There is also a significant financial commitment that goes along with acquiring a college degree and changing majors after enrollment can add significant time and cost to the collegiate experience. Establishing a good understanding of the available majors and their required coursework is a great help when making this important decision.

Business Administration continues to top the charts in regards to the most highly sought after college degrees. The university degree courses required to earn a degree in Business Administration are relatively similar regardless of the school providing the curriculum. Some of the courses students can expect to take can include Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Communication and Business Statistics. The courses are aimed at teaching the basic fundamentals of business management, interpersonal skills and data analysis. These courses will help to prepare students for positions in business, general management and government. Starting salaries for graduates can range from $40,000 to $90,000 annually with significant opportunity for growth in certain industries.

Education is a popular degree choice for many students and it is one of the few that will always be in high demand. Even with changing dynamics in the marketplace and new trends consistently arising, the need for qualified educators will always exist. Elementary Education consistently ranks amongst the top of the list for education degree choices and will generally include courses such as Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Beginning Literacy and Language Arts and Reading for Early Childhood. These courses are focused on developing an understanding of childhood development, application of proven teaching methods and effective teaching methods. After obtaining a degree in Education, graduates will have the opportunity to enter the world of teaching in a number of different settings, including public school, private school and child care settings.

With the increasing reliance upon computers and technology, Computer Science is quickly climbing to the top of the charts as a popular degree choice for newly enrolled students. Some of the common courses to be expected in this field will include Computer Architecture, Linear Algebra and Calculus. Computer Science involves a strong foundation in mathematics as well as in general science and practical theory. Upon completion of this degree, students will have the opportunity to move into computer related positions in private industry as well as in government. The positions can range from general Information Technology all the way up to Systems Administrator. Pay scales for these positions can vary widely, starting as low as $30,000 per year and reaching as high as $100,000 or more in certain fields.

Nursing is another field that will always attract a large number of new students for the simple fact that there will always be a need for educated and qualified health care professional. Some of the university degree courses that should be expected when aiming for a degree in nursing will include Introductory Chemistry, Microbiology and Statistics. Nursing students will need to learn the basics of cellular structure and genetics as well as the general composition of living tissue. They will also need to develop their skills with courses focusing on psychology and sociology in order to prepare themselves for regular interaction with their patients. Graduating students can look for positions as an LPN, an RN or look for work as a private home health nurse, to name a few options.

University degree courses can vary from school to school, but the standard course requirements for most common degrees are fairly similar across the board. Most degrees will offer graduates a wide variety of career paths to follow, but considering those possibilities before choosing a major will provide a much needed degree of focus.
Taking the coursework into consideration can help to steer the decision direction towards a promising future for all students.

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