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Usb Network Hub - Why Use a USB Network Hub?

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Home networking is more popular than ever. Most homes have multiple computers. Parents need them for on-line banking or keeping up with family and friends. Children need them for social networking and researching homework. Every one of those computers needs space hogging peripherals. With a USB network hub one family can share printers, video recorders, audio players and programs saving space and money.

USB stands for universal serial bus. It is a communicating protocol that allows two devices to exchange information. Prior to this protocol, printers and modems used different ports requiring multiple cords. Now that all devices have USB connectivity, one cord fits both standard ports. USB network hubs provide more ports allowing for more peripheral support such as an external hard drive or combination scanner, fax and printer. Some hubs provide wireless connectivity and password encryption programs which will protect the home network from outside intrusion.

Another advantage of the USB network hub is its mini-server capability. Many operating systems provide a way to link computers through wired communication. However, one computer must stay on at all times to operate as a server. The USB mini-server network hub provides the same service without leaving a computer on all night. Any computer logged on can access any connected peripheral like a recordable DVD burner or an mp3 player.

Sometimes there is a document or program that lives on one computer that is needed on another. Prior to USB network hub technology, the only sharing choices were email or portable media. A large document would need to be burned to a floppy drive or CD or transferred to a thumb drive then walked manually over to the second computer. This may not seem difficult, but for homes and small business with more than one floor it could take more time than anyone wished to give up. Through connecting to the USB network hub, that second computer can now share its documents and files with any other computer on the network. Parents can monitor their child’s social network use or follow up on homework remotely. Spouses can send banking files from one computer to another without fear of an email going astray. Family members can even chat between rooms or floors instantly.

A USB network hub provides a way for multiple computers to share peripherals and resources efficiently and safely. It can save users time, money, space and peace of mind.

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