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Nordictrack Exercise Equipment - How to Select NordicTrack Exercise Equipment for Home Use

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Is it time to exercise? Many people find a gym or fitness center experience intimidating. People who have been exercising for years show off their cut bodies and great tans, while those new to the game feel less able to do the work than when the doctor suggested it. To get around the feeling of exercising in a fishbowl, many are purchasing NordicTrack exercise equipment for their home. From apartments to mansions, there is NordicTrack equipment that fits any environment.

Apartment dwellers are always worried about storage space. Some NordicTrack exercise equipment is designed with storage in mind. Consider the mini-stairstepper. No more than two feet long and a foot and a half wide, this tiny piece of exercise equipment fits easily under a bed. It comes with a calorie counter, non-stick footpads and resistance bands so one can work out arms as well as legs. For those with a little more exercise room but still limited storage, there are several NordicTrack folding treadmills. Most of them incline up to 10% and have a maximum speed of up to twelve miles per hour. Heart monitors are standard so even beginners can keep track of their target heart rates and avoid over-exertion. Folding elliptical machines can reduce their standing space by as much as three feet. Strengthening equipment is not out of the questions for those with limited storage. One can choose between powerbells of twenty to forty pound weights or exercise kits that include chin-up bars, push-up stands and resistant straps. Either set will store easily in a closet or under a bed.

If space is not an issue, then it is time to consider the benefits of the different types of NordicTrack exercise equipment. Treadmills are popular choices for those who enjoy walking, jogging or running. The incline ability allows the athlete to simulate running uphill, although that exercise is recommended for conditioned athletes more than beginners. NordicTrack treadmills come with cushioned running surfaces that are easier on knees and ankles than running on a track or city street. Ellipticals also simulate a jogging motion but since ones feet never leave the pedals, the impact is much reduced. Another advantage to ellipticals is the moving arm technology. Treadmills only work the lower body so the home gym user must use a second piece of equipment to complete the workout. The elliptical works upper and lower body at the same time and gives the entire workout as one experience.

Joggers and runners are not the only athletes NordicTrack supports. Bicycle enthusiasts have the option of choosing stationary sport bikes or bikes with a more recumbent design. For people who are returning to exercise after surgery or injury, the recumbent design supports one’s back while performing the exercise. It is a comforting and comfortable way to ease back into an exercise regimen. The NordicTrack skier series has been around for over twenty years and still is a most popular low impact exercise. It simulates cross-country skiing and works arms and legs at the same time in a flowing forward and back motion. Yet another option is a step, stair or striding machine. Also low-impact, these machines have strides of up to 35 inches that work hamstrings, quadriceps and the buttocks. To complete the workout, one can add free weights, dumbbells or vibration stands as prescribed by a doctor or fitness advisor.

A service unique to NordicTrack is IFit Live, a technology that connects the exercise equipment to personal trainers over the Internet. After filling out a profile and list of goals online, the information is downloaded onto a module that inserts into NordicTrack exercise equipment. Then the home athlete takes a fitness test. The results are uploaded to professional trainers who design a personalized program that includes diet suggestions, workout routines and encouraging words. The program adjusts difficulties as goals are achieved and downloads daily updates to allow progress to continue.

Starting a new exercise routine does not have to be intimidating. Instead of driving across town to a fitness center, consider a home gym filled with NordicTrack exercise equipment. One can have quality equipment and sound fitness advice tailored to the individual in the privacy of his or her home

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