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Beach Vacation Deals - Widely Popular Beach Vacation Deals

exotic beach destinations

Beach vacations are widely popular amongst travelers. There is something to be said for the warm mist of the salt water, the pristine beaches, and the variety of water sports and activities available. All these things, combined with fact that some of the world’s most well-known hotel and resorts are located beachfront, appeal to the vacationer. Beach vacation deals are available in destinations across the globe. These package deals range from hotel and travel to all-inclusive getaways and are offered at nearly every location.

Florida, Hawaii, and California Destinations

Florida, Hawaii, and California are rated amongst the top preferred locations in the United States for beach vacations. Accommodations are available in a wide range from exclusive five star resorts and hotels to waterfront cabins. Many of the beach vacation deals will offer a complete package of airfare, hotel, car rentals, and food and drink included. A vast majority of vacationers prefer this sort of package deal because there are no hidden costs and it proves to be easier to budget for the vacation without having to worry about the added fees of transportation rentals and dining.
Key West, Florida is a favorite place to vacation for golfers and those who love to be pampered. Offering a variety of water sports and other activities such as world-renowned golf resorts, skydiving opportunities, and pub crawls, this ritzy destination is full of glamour and non-stop action. Pure, white private beaches provide for a chance to relax and have some downtime and ocean-front hotels provide full service from spas to gourmet dining to fitness rooms. Key West is also well known for its myriad of places to tour such as the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, National Parks, Pirate Walking Tours, and prime shopping places.

Hawaii is preferred for lovers and couples. A favorite place to get married, the beaches of Hawaii is some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With breathtaking scenery and pastoral private cabins right on the beach, this place is a destination couples will return to over and over. Beach vacation deals for Hawaii are available specifically for those planning to share nuptials or customized for families. With an amazing choice of islands to stay on during vacations, one of the most difficult choices travelers will face when vacationing in Hawaii is which island to spend the majority of their time. From Maui to Kauai Lanai to Oahu, these sublime destinations offer vacationers supreme beach vacation packages that can be all-inclusive. Some of these packages will include helicopter tours over the islands, exotic day-long hiking trips, and fantastic scuba and snorkeling opportunities.

California is known for its old-world charm and long, lazy days at the beach. Families love to travel to this beautiful Western state and take advantage of the surprisingly affordable beach vacation packages offered. Hiking in the mountains, touring vineyards and participating in wine tastings are just some of the extras offered in the California vacation packages. Whether spending a vacation in the beautiful Carmel or along the coast of Santa Barbara, this state is one where vacationers love to spend their days relaxing under the warm sun. Southern California offers a unique blend of Mexican and American cultures and heritage, infusing a vacation with culture and history and an ethnic flair. Deep sea fishermen will love the fishing opportunities available as part of some of the beach vacation packages, mixing a passion for fishing with memorable days spent on the ocean in a luxury boat. Backpackers often prefer to vacation in Venice Beach with its diverse range of scenic hiking trails available. California is widely known for being eclectic and accommodating for beach vacationers of all ages and preferences.

Exotic Beach Destinations

For the traveler who wishes to experience something more exotic and a part of another culture, the Latin America and South America beaches offer some of the world’s best beach vacation deals. Whether it is the infamous Puerto Vallarta with its non-stop nightlife, the pristine beaches and snorkeling of Cozumel, or the beautiful reefs of popular Cancun, these destinations often are the source of affordable and remarkable vacation opportunities.

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