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Milan Italy Travel - Travel to Milan, Italy - A Popular and Trendy Vacation Destination

traveling to milan, italy food and entertainment

Milan, Italy suffered massive destruction during the bombing raids of World War II. Milan rebuilt its city, and Milan has grown to be the second largest city in Italy. It is the wealthiest city in Italy and has prospered into a successful and profitable financial capital. Milan is located in the northern part of Italy on the plains of the Lombardy region. Millions of people travel to Milan, Italy each year to see the extraordinary beauty of the lakes in northern Italy, which is surrounded by the stunning view of the Alps. Although, not as popular as Rome or Venice, Milan is fast becoming a trendy vacation destination.

Traveling to Milan, Italy

Travel to Milan, Italy by way of its two main airports, Linate Airport and Malpensa Airport. Milan’s main train station is Milano Centrale at Piazza Duca d’ Aosta. Trains leaving this station connect to all the major cities in Italy. Rome is just a three hour train ride from Milan, and Venice is less than a three hours from Milan. Milan has an excellent public transportation system, which includes bus routes to all major Italian cities, and bus transportation in and around Milan.

Things to do in Milan, Italy

Travel to Milan, Italy in the spring or fall to catch a glimpse of supermodels and paparazzi at the Italian fashions fairs. Milan is a fashion Mecca for designer fashions that premieres on the runways in Milan. Gucci, Armani, Versace and Prada labels all skyrocketed to fame after showcasing their fashion lines in Milan, Italy. Boutiques and trendy shops lined the streets of Milan offering fashionable designer clothes at a discount price to tourists traveling in Milan, Italy.

Tickets sell quickly, so don’t forget to book in advance to view the most famous painting, “The Last Supper,” by Leonardo da Vinci. This masterpiece can be viewed at Santa Maria della Grazie in Milan, Italy. The Last supper has become immensely popular due to the novel, “The Da Vinci Code,” written by Dan Brown. Visit La Scala, a renowned opera house where famous composers like Puccini, Verdi, Rossini and Toscanini composed great operatic pieces.

Go to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II mall to shop and people watch while sitting at a table outside the restaurants and bars in the mall. The Duomo is an impressive historical Gothic Cathedral and one of the largest churches in the world. Climb to the rooftop and savor the view of the stylish and sophisticated city of Milan.

Food and entertainment

Restaurants in Milan can be very elegant and expensive, serving international culinary dishes from around the world. Ristorantes are fancy restaurants that serve food and wine in a formal atmosphere. Also, Milan has comfortable eateries that serve traditional Milanese cuisine and some of the best Italian dishes in Italy. When you travel to Milan, Italy, be sure to eat at a Trattorias, which are family-oriented and very budget friendly. Italian meals served at Trattorias are exceptionally delicious and could easily rival the food at a 5-star restaurant. Trattorias are the heart and soul of restaurants serving authentic Italian food in Italy.

Milan, Italy has a thriving and exciting nightlife. Milan has an interesting mix of nightclubs, wine bars, lounge bars and music bars to keep you entertained for hours. The natives of Milan can give you tips on the best nightclubs to visit. In Milan, you can find plenty of artistic and cultural itineraries to keep you mesmerized and stimulated for days. If you are a fan of opera, then travel to Milan, Italy, because it is one of the most popular destinations in the world to enjoy operas, theatre and cinema.

During your travels to Milan, Italy, make sure you venture to Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. Easily, one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, it is covered completely by glaciers. Lake Como is a popular destination for celebrities and tourists, because of its peacefulness and majestic beauty. While you travel throughout Milan, Italy, don’t forget to explore the wine vineyards, and the ski slopes in the Lombardy region.

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