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Derma Skin Care - The Benefits of Derma Skin Care Products

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Derma Skin Care is a product line of various skin cleansers and moisturizers from Dermologica that is used to treat dry and damaged skin, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermalogica also produces three different elixirs that contain various herbs and roots, such as dandelion and mugwort, which help detoxify the body; it also helps boost energy levels, as well as increase stamina and alertness.

All of the products from Dermalogica can be purchased either on their business website or several online retailers; you may find that you will get better discounts if you comparative shop. Along with the moisturizers, conditioners, masques and elixirs in the Derma Skin Care line, Dermalogica also produces spa body therapy, concentrated boosters and multivitamin power systems.


Dermalogica provides a Dermal Clay Cleanser that can be used to deeply cleanse oily skin, while the Essential Cleansing Solution cleans dry skin. The Special Cleansing Gel is used to clean the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. There is also an Anti-Bacterial Skin Wash that can be used daily to clean oily skin without leaving it dry.


There are also several conditioners available in the Derma Skin Care line, including a Gentle Cream Exfoliant, Mulit-Active Toner and Skin Prep Scrub. Each conditioner replenishes the skin without leaving it too oily or greasy. There are also Skin Purifying Wipes available to remove surface oil; these are best used after you have washed the skin with one of the Dermalogica cleansers.


The Derma Skin Care line would not be complete without masques. Dermalogica includes five masques in their product line, all of which include: Skin Hydrating Masque, Skin Refining Masque, Intensive Moisture Masque, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque and Anti-Back Cooling Masque. Each is made with a special blend of vitamins and minerals used to absorb excess skin oils, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

The Derma Skin Care line also has eye repair and eye care products to remove visible lines and wrinkles from below and around the eyes. The Medicated Clearing Gel is used to clear the skin and prevent blemishes from occurring in the future. Along with body washes and stress relief oils, Dermalogica sells buffing cloths, mineral salts and other spa-like amenities to give you that pampered affect.

Derma Skin Care is sold individually or in basic kits, including a separate Spa Body Therapy Kit that contains body wash, hydrating cream, body toner and more. Prices will vary depending on the store and more information can be made available by visiting the Derma Skin Care website.

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