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Fleet Card Services - Benefits Of Fleet Card Services

fleet card benefits fleet card negatives fleet card savings

Fleet cards are one method for small businesses and large companies to save a little extra money when it comes to maintaining their vehicles, as well as making fuel purchases. While larger trucking companies take advantage of fleet card services, smaller businesses that use company vehicles for their employees can benefit from these services as well.

A fleet service card not only helps an employee cover the cost of fuel and maintenance, but it also can be used instead of cash. Using the fleet card instead of carrying cash is safer for the driver in the fleet; if the drivers carry large quantities of cash, then they may become easy targets for theft as they travel.

Fleet Card Benefits

While profit may be at the forefront of any business, safety is sure to follow a close second. Since protecting the fleet from theft can easily be done with the use of fleet cards, the second step is to ensure proper tracking of spending by the employees. With fleet cards, this is possible.

The owner of the company has a much better control of company spending when issuing the cards. Some fleet card services provide real-time access to information, such as spending, which in turns allows the owner to set spending limits on the card. Another advantage of the fleet card is it gives the owner substantial discounts, such as cash back on purchases and lower fuel costs.

Since it is a widely accepted card, it can be used almost anywhere the fleet travels. Certain fleet card services allow employees access to an online management program where they can track their own purchases, as well as identify and prevent any unauthorized transactions. Invoices can be downloaded and additional cards can be replaced or reported stolen.

Fleet Card Negatives

Even with the long list of benefits of fleet card services, there are bound to be some cons. One such negative is that the cancellation period on fleet cards are generally longer than average cards. Also, there may be card fees depending on the type of product you purchase. Liability is placed heavily on the user of the card, and owners have to rely on the honesty of the employee’s odometer readings.

Fleet Card Savings

Because savings vary depending on a number of factors, it is hard to pinpoint an exact amount a company will save by using the card. Some online card reports show that businesses can save over fifteen percent on fuel management costs; this is partly due to less fraudulent transactions made by the holder of the card. With the vast amount of fleet card services at the fingertips of the owner, there really is no telling how much the company can save per year.

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