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International Travel Jobs - An Inside Look at International Travel Jobs

trekking guide travel writing busk your heart out cruise ship jobs

From recent college graduates to new retirees, there are international travel jobs out there for just about anyone who is interested in seeing the world while making a decent income on the side. Although traveling the world on the company dime typically does not involve luxury accommodations, there are some incredible international travel deals out there for those who are willing to earn their keep as they travel the world. Here is an inside look at what you need to know about international travel jobs.

Teaching English in a Foreign Country

Over the course of the last twenty years, teaching English abroad has emerged to become one of the most popular methods for Western travelers to enjoy an extended stay in an exotic country. Some of the benefits of teaching English in a foreign country include total immersion in a different culture, relatively easy work and the opportunity to make lasting relationships with some of the people that you meet. However, it is important to note that the best international travel deals for English teachers require you to be TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified, and some teachers experience a dramatic culture shock when they reach their destination if they have not researched the region thoroughly ahead of time.

Trekking Guide

If you are wild at heart and have considerable amount of experience in hiking, backpacking, paddling or some other outdoor activity, you might be able to find some amazing international travel deals as a trekking guide. Trekking guides typically work for niche travel companies that specialize in arrange for small groups of people to travel to various locations throughout the world to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. Although everything for these programs is planned out ahead of time, it is crucial that a trekking guide has the necessary leadership skills and experience in his or her activity to ensure that everyone in the trip completes their trek safely.

Travel Writing

Until fairly recently, breaking into the field of travel writing was considered a pretty tough nut to crack, especially if you expected to actually make a living at it. However, the explosion of niche travel publications and websites that has occurred over the course of the last few years makes it easier than ever to find some international travel deals that will pay for themselves once you have created some compelling content about what you have seen and done at your destination. Whether you are making money from affiliate marketing on your own travel video blog or you are writing restaurant reviews for a food magazine, the key to successful travel writing is allowing your own personality to shine through so that viewers and readers will want to return to your content again and again.

Busk Your Heart Out

Although it takes a special kind of personality to be good at busking in a foreign land, people young and old have financed their travels in this manner for generations. Busking, or street performing, consists of putting on a live show for a local audience in return for tips. Some of the most common busking acts include juggling, card tricks, dancing, magic and musical performances, but nearly all successful street performers have a knack for including enough comedy in their act that audience members will feel motivated to leave a tip just for the unexpected smile. Street performers often take advantage of unconventional international travel deals, such as last minute airfare prices to whatever destination happens to strike their fancy.

Cruise Ship Jobs

If you are interested in seeing the world in a more controlled environment, then you might seeing what types of jobs you might be qualified for on an international cruise ship. Large cruise ships require a full staff of employees to attend to every aspect of guest services, including dining, entertainment, spa treatments, child care and much more. Most cruise liners provide their employees with decent pay and benefits, and ships have a large enough staff that you are sure to make some new friends if you happen to be traveling alone. Although most cruise liners require you to make a commitment of several months in order to apply, they offer their employees some top rate international travel deals to the ship’s destinations in return.

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