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Vitamins Nutrition Supplements - How to Get the Most out of Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

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One of the most popular areas that people are constantly trying to learn more and improve in is the area of health and fitness. Being healthy means you feel better, look better, and will hopefully live longer. Being healthy means getting proper nutrition from your food, exercising for a healthy heart, lungs, and muscle function, and being emotionally healthy. Having proper nutrition can be difficult. Even with a ‘healthy’ diet with fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains, it’s easy to miss important vitamins and minerals that you need. Vitamins and nutrition supplements can help you fill in the holes.

The world of supplements is vast and confusing. It seems like every magazine article, news segment, and coworker is telling you about a supplement that you must be taking. It’s the supplement that is going to make you live forever and feel perfect every single day. This supplement doesn’t exist, but there are lots of vitamins and nutrition supplements available that can help you feel better and possibly live longer. How can you get the most out of vitamins and nutrition supplements without going overboard?

The problem with taking too many supplements is that it’s expensive, it requires taking a lot of pills excessively throughout the day, and you won’t be able to figure out what is working and what isn’t. First and foremost, you should choose a good multivitamin as your base. Not all multivitamins are created equally. Also, a vitamin for one person might not be the best choice for another. For example, there are vitamins geared towards men and others geared towards women. Men and women both need a lot of the same vitamins, but women might need more of a certain vitamin or mineral, and the same for men. Older men and women will also need a different multivitamin than a child. Read the labels to find out what will work best for you.

Once you have a good multivitamin, you can look at other supplements. Always talk with your doctor about any supplements or medications you take. Make sure it is safe to take supplements that could interact with medications or that could complicate a health issue you have. If you want to try a new supplement, run it by your doctor to make sure it is a good choice.

The type of extra vitamins and nutrition supplements you should use will depend on you as an individual. How do you feel? What health issues do you have? For example, women need a lot of calcium to combat osteoporosis. Young women need to build bone strength and density, and older women need to maintain it. If you were to have enough calcium in one multivitamin pill, it would be huge, plus you wouldn’t be able to absorb it all at once. If you don’t get a lot of calcium in your diet from broccoli, dairy, etc. you might need to add in another calcium pill or supplement.

What about those supplements that are all the rage that promote anti-aging, antioxidants, and high energy? First of all, a lot of these things can be found in food from a healthy diet. You are better off getting it from fresh foods because it will be easier to absorb. For example, instead of taking an antioxidant pill, try incorporating more berries into your diet. If you still want to try these new supplements, take them one at a time. There is no reason to take a huge handful of pills and waste money on them when you can’t be sure if any are even doing anything. Taking pills for a few months one at a time will help you determine and see your results.

This doesn’t work for everything. Some supplements are to promote overall health. The expected benefit is to live longer, and you can’t know if it’s working in three months. You have to be discerning about anything you take and be smart. Get educated about any supplements you plan to start. Learn about what they do and how they could help or hurt you. Find a high quality supplement and stay away from anything that doesn’t look safe. Your best choice of action is to take your supplements to your doctor to make sure they are okay, or work with a certified nutritionist.

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