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Car Rentals France - Information On Car Rentals In France

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While it might be fine to forget to pack the toothbrush or shaving cream before your trip to France, it is not a good idea to forget to make reservations to have a rental car after you arrive. Some people will venture the streets of Paris in a cab or by foot, but for people who want to journey beyond the city limits, it is nice to have your own car.

There are several things to note before looking for car rentals in France; more importantly, having the correct documents and information ahead of time will make the business transaction much smoother, especially if French is not your native language. Thankfully, there are many rental companies available throughout the world that hire bilingual employees, and France is no exception.

Rental Companies

Like the United States, France has nearly identical car rental companies. This includes: Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, and National. Each rental company has their own standard contract to sign, but most require the same information. Also, it is important to note that not every company carries the same car models, so it is best to ask ahead of time if you prefer a specific vehicle.

Car Availability

Car rentals in France are no different from those in the United States; each company provides a selection of cars, such as minivans, SUVs, four-door hatchbacks, compact cars and sports cars. While there are 2-door vehicles available, you will find that most rental companies stock primarily 4-door passenger cars; this is because most tourists who rent vehicles in foreign countries are families on vacation.

Unless you plan on traveling throughout the country, a smaller car will do nicely. If you plan on visiting various parts of France, then you will need to be aware of the estimated gas mileage your car provides; this could be the difference of saving a few dollars or spending more money just for gas. Smaller 2-door, 4-passenger cars have better fuel economy, ranging from 39 gallons in the city to 43 gallons on the highway.

International Licensing

Some countries require an international driver’s permit, especially in Italy and a few other European countries; however, it is not required in France. If you plan on calling one of the various France car rentals, all you will need is a valid national driver’s license. Keep in mind that the legal driving age in France is 18 years old, so it may be wise to keep a parent behind the wheel at all times.


Reserving the car you want is very important, but sometimes you don’t have time to take care of every little detail; this is where booking agencies come in handy. By contacting one of these companies, they will find the best car rentals in France and prepare all of the information for you. They can even provide free pickup, free insurance, free fuel, and more. They may also be able to add additional drivers, as well as provide you with a car equipped with satellite navigation and baby seats.

Car rentals from France, as well as other countries, will do everything necessary to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience with them. Plan ahead of time and make sure you have your credit card with you. Not every car rental company in France will accept cash or a debit card, so it will be best to contact them beforehand regarding their policies.

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