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Payless Rental Car - Why Use Payless Rental Car?

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Travelers have a wide variety of rental car companies from whom to get transportation when away from home. How does one choose which is best? A national franchise with over 30 years of experience in the business that makes available several different classes of cars and provides customer service and amenities at a low price seems the smart way to go.

A Payless rental car is all of those things and more. Payless was founded in1971 in Spokane, Washington. Since then it has grown into an international organization with 80 locations in 20 countries. They have fleets of cars that range in quality from economy to luxury and beyond. One can also rent vans, convertibles or sports-utility vehicles for special occasions. Each class charges a reasonable fee to drivers over the age of 25 with valid driving identification and a credit card. Debit cards can be used at the end of the trip if one wishes to avoid interest charges. Provide the counter with a valid credit card for the duration of the rental, and then switch to the debit card at the end. This is a safety feature for both the driver and the company. Credit cards tend to have more insurance guarding against fraud and theft than standard debit cards.

Payless rental cars are available with hand controls for persons with mobility disabilities. This accommodation of the Americans with Disabilities act requires no additional fee. At the time of reservation, contact their toll-free number and discuss one’s needs with a customer service representative. Wheelchair accessible vans can pick passengers up at the airport or train station and deliver them to the rental facility. Blind travelers can rent and assign their companions as additional drivers for no additional fees as well. Payless Car Rentals makes whatever accommodation it needs for the disabled traveler to feel supported and independent.

Another service Payless provides with their rental cars is automobile insurance. Every location is capable of offering minimum liability insurance that complies with local or state laws. Additionally, a driver can pay for a collision damage waiver. Without it, the renter is responsible for any damage done to the vehicle. While some personal auto insurance plans cover rental vehicles, there are some limitations. For example, a renter who insures a family sized car may not be covered to drive a larger van. The collision damage waiver protects the car renter from paying for incidental damage like parking lot mishaps or pothole damage regardless of the vehicle class size. It covers most auto damage encountered on a normal driving day.

When in an unfamiliar town, it is not always easy to find a service station on the way to return the car. Payless Car Rentals thought of that. They provide an option for drivers to pay a set rate for fuel and Payless will refill the car upon its return. One can also add roadside assistance. It is always a comfort when away from home to have an avenue to call for help in the event of a flat tire or other mechanical failure. It doesn’t matter if one is traveling for the holidays or for business, Payless roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regular travelers can sign up for the Payless Perks Club. A free service, the Perks club provides further lower prices on Payless car rentals, exclusive partnership offers and a faster booking process. After a one time sign up, members can log in and reserve their next cars with all pertinent information stored on the Payless system. Instead of struggling to recall a driver’s license number or which credit card was used for the reservation, a car renter can show his or her Perks Club card and be in a car in moments. It saves time during the busy holiday season.

Payless rental cars are reliable vehicles available at reasonable prices. The corporation has almost forty years of experience supporting travelers and is proud of their history and service record. They provide amenities that range from disability accommodation to roadside assistance. Payless Car Rentals prove through their longevity and reputation that they are an economical, safe and reliable choice for car rental services.

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