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Britax Infant Car Seat - Britax Infant Car Seat Safety Features and Testing.

seats crash impact technology

Britax is the leading car seat manufacturer in Europe and America, with engineering and designs that provide optimum protection during an automobile accident. Injuries during a crash can be caused by a number of factors. Head trauma sustained during an automobile collision is the leading cause of auto-crash related deaths in children twelve and under. Britax infant car seats are scrupulously designed to exceed guidelines for head and body protection.

Choosing a car seat for an infant can seem like a daunting task. The federal government has created guidelines for parents and caregivers to follow to maximize infant safety. An infant, less than 20 pounds and under one year old, is required to be in the rear-facing position. There are two types of car seats that offer this safety requirement, infant car seats and convertible car seats.

An infant car seat is a portable seat that is secured into the car by a locking base system. This seat is designed for infants from 4 pounds up to 30 pounds, and measuring less than 32 inches. A baby can be kept in the seat and moved in and out of the car with ease. An infant car seat is also easily compatible to a stroller, creating a travel system. Safety features on a Britax infant car seat include easily adjusted harness and head restraint, anti-rebound bar on the seat base, the latch system, five-point harness, and an energy-absorbing foam liner. This type of car seat is not required, but it is a popular market option.

A convertible car seat is a safety seat that is used either rear-facing or forward-facing once the child reaches a certain height, weight, and age requirements. A convertible car seat can be used rear-facing from newborn to 40 pounds. The seat can then be turned forward-facing for children over one year old and weighing over 20 pounds and up to 70 pounds. The Britax convertible car seats offer long-term safety for infants to toddlers. A five-point safety harness, latch system, SafeCell technology, integrated steel bars, and an Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether insure maximum child safety during a vehicle collision.

Britax infant and child car seats undergo rigorous testing and research in order to exceed federal government safety standards. The scientists, engineers, and designers at Britax are committed to using the newest technologies and testing simulators to ensure the highest level of crash force protection. The technologies unique in the design of Britax infant car seats are SafeCell Technology, Energy-Absorbing, Versa-Tether, and Side Impact Cushion Technology. SafeCell Technology is the use of cells within the construction of the seat that condense in the event of a crash. This results in a lower center of gravity and reduces the forward revolution of the safety seat that results in the propulsion of the child towards the front of the car. An energy-absorbing, versa-tether offers a variable release webbing to reduce the forward movement of the seat. This tether also offers a two-point attachment for anchoring the car seat to the car. Britax car safety seats feature side impact cushion technology. This technology uses cushions on the exterior of the seat to absorb crash impact caused by side-impact collisions. The force of the impact is diverted away from the child in the seat and is also provides some level of protection to a passenger sitting directly beside the seat.

Extensive testing and simulation is performed on each car seat model. Tests will include virtual simulation of a crash involving a Britax infant car seat with a baby strapped inside. This approach allows engineers to create digital models using anthropometric data collected during the simulation. The overall dimensions of the seat along with placement of harness slots are determined at this stage. A frontal impact or dynamic crash test is required to satisfy standards set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems, FMCSS 213. Side impact crash tests are not required by the United States; however, Britax chooses to perform tests to evaluate the effectiveness of their seats ability to restrain a child’s head and chest and reduce the forward thrusting of the pelvis. Comfort is also a priority to Britax each seat undergoes a vibration test to assess the transfer of vibrations from the car to the safety seat. Quality of workmanship is evident in Britax safety seats, the integrity of the components of the seat undergo over 150 hours of simulated use. Latch systems, buckles, harness webbing, and materials of the seat are a part of this testing program.

The stringent safety testing and quality standards demonstrated by Britax increases the safety standards of all car seat manufacturers. A higher industry safety standard implements new technology and protection designs for the benefit of consumers.

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