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Mens Gold Wedding Bands - Enduring Symbolism: Men's Gold Wedding Bands

ring men’s marriage rings

The wedding band is an iconic symbol of Western marriage tradition. As an unbroken ring, it is symbolic of eternity, fitting nicely with the classic marriage vow: ‘til death. Wedding bands are the ultimate modern conclusion of what were once exchanges of dowry and other gifts, now given with equivalent deference and affection between the bride and groom. Wedding bands are traditionally given after an engagement ring has been offered and accepted, and more recently, bands known as eternity rings have become popular, as symbols of even deeper commitment given after marriage.

Wedding bands are worn on the ring finger of either hand (and are, in fact, how the ring finger got its name), depending largely upon one’s local culture or on one’s own taste. The location of the ring, whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding ring or an eternity ring, indicates that the wearer is married or otherwise betrothed, and is in any case not open to possible suitors. Traditions vary as to how the ring is used after the death of a spouse; many continue to wear it to communicate that their heart remains with the deceased. More recently, many widows and widowers have taken to wearing their wedding bands on a chain around the neck. This does not yet have any surrounding or communicative etiquette and is primarily a personal choice.

Men’s gold wedding bands are the simple, traditional emblem for grooms of both the present and years passed. Men’s gold wedding bands are simply that—rings sized for men usually crafted of white gold. Wedding bands are distinct from wedding rings in that bands are simple, pure loops of metal—men’s gold wedding bands, thus, are not mounted with diamonds or other precious stones, but are rather made of gold alone. Wedding bands, especially men’s gold wedding bands, are designed to be more conveniently wearable than more complex wedding rings, as they are much less likely to catch on machinery, fabric or other such things. Men’s gold wedding bands are a quintessential symbol of marriage and a practical decision for those with engineering or manufacturing jobs, as well as jobs requiring the use of gloves, as in the culinary arts.

Wedding bands are a tradition of the highest order in much of the Western world, and many other nations are following suit with similar ceremonies, particularly in the far east. As symbols of commitment, they are testaments to devotion even in this rapid-fire world of speed dating and online courtship. Wedding rings, and especially men’s gold wedding bands, are persistent reminders of the classic wedding vows.

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