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Cheap Car Hire Uk - 5 Tips on Getting Cheap Car Hire in UK

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Hiring a car in UK can turn out to be a nightmare running to hundreds of pounds for travellers who have no idea on where to get the best deal. UK car hiring agencies have gone a great mile to entice people to hire cars by using celebrities in their ads and making people believe hiring a car is not difficult. While this may be true for the business traveler who can rent through loyalty programs, the average traveler has to work a lot harder to get cheap car hire services in UK.

Below are some tips on how you can hire a car at a cheap price:

1. Check Insurance Overlaps
If you already have car insurance, chances are that you will not need the insurance the cheap car hire UK agency will try to offer you. Sometimes, you may already be covered by your household insurance. Contact your insurance company before you go to rent a car; you could save between 5 and 10 pounds.

However, find out the value of your insurance to make sure it is not eclipsed by the value of the car you wish to hire.

2. Reserve Your Car Early Enough
Pre-book your car before you land at the airport if you are looking for a good deal. This is especially true during holidays and weekends, where many people book car rentals. One advantage of pre-booking is that you have a chance to compare the rates of different car hire agencies in UK.

If you can’t get cheap car hire services at the airport, consider going for companies that are located offshore. Most of these agencies can be reached via train connection or airport shuttle in the major towns and are usually cheaper than on-airport car hire agencies.

3. Have Proof Of The Condition Of The Car
Before you take the keys to the car, take some photographs. This will be proof of the condition of the car when you took it from the rental agency. Check the fenders, wheel rims, bumpers and doors for any signs of cracks or small dings. Also, check the interior for tears or spills on the floor mats and seats. Make sure they can be clearly seen in the digital pictures you take.

Car hire companies in UK are looking to squeeze every extra penny from your pocket and thus you should get everything documented to avoid extra charges when returning the rental.

4. Check for Group Benefits
If you are a member of a professional organization or club like the AAA or AARP, you may be entitled to cheap car hire in UK and can save between 10 and 15 percent. Look out for regular promotions and special discounts given to professionals in your area.

Look for coupon discounts in the local journals and the internet. If you are flying, getting your car rental package together with your flight package can save you some pounds. Also, search for discounts offered by travel agents and major travel websites.

5. Is the Car Really Cheap?
Do not fall for the trick of cheap car hire agencies in UK that package their offerings with hidden charges and penalties. You will end up paying a great deal for this oversight. Find out the exact fees that you will be expected to pay for the car hire service. For example, many car rental companies have additional charges for dropping off the car at a different pick up point.

Also, check out for penalties that will be levied against you for returning the car late. If you will need the car for a few extra hours, call the agency and request for an extension of your deadline. Many companies will not charge you additional fees as long as you have contacted them and agreed on an extension.

The above 5 tips will help you get car hire at a cheap rate in UK. One of the rules of business is that if you want a good deal, you have to go an extra mile to get it. Pre-booking and comparing rates of different operators are important if you are looking to save on car hire services in UK.

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