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Florida Football Tickets - College Football: How to Find Florida Bowl Game Tickets

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Every year thousands of fans search for tickets to college football bowl games in Florida. Those lucky enough to get tickets then cheer on their favorite team in one of Florida’s six scheduled bowl games.

The best Division I college football teams are rewarded with post-season bowl game berths. Typically teams with at least six victories square off in one of the many bowl matchups across North America. Bowl games begin in the middle of December and end in early January.

Warm winters and countless tourist attractions make Florida college football bowl game tickets more coveted than most. Although fans come to Florida in support of teams, weather and recreation opportunities add extra incentive. Ultimately, the hosting stadiums of Florida bowl games are usually at or near capacity by kickoff time.

Four of the best ways to secure Florida college football bowl game tickets can be found below.

1. University Availability
The two competing universities are allotted a specific number of bowl game tickets by the NCAA. These tickets are first made available to students, alumni and others associated with the school. Following that, any unsold seats are then made available to the general public either first-come, first-served or lottery style.

When looking for Florida college football bowl game tickets, it is a good idea to first check the availability of participating schools. One reason is that tickets sold through the school will not exceed the face value price. Also team supporters buying from that particular school’s allotment have a better chance of sitting among fellow fans at the game.

2. Stub Hub
Florida college football bowl game tickets can usually be found for sale on the ticket broker website Stub Hub. Individuals looking to sell their tickets make them legally available to others in the general public on Stub Hub. Once purchased, specific instructions from the site will state how a buyer will receive the tickets.

Depending upon game popularity, Stub Hub can be a very expensive option. The hottest Florida bowl game tickets will usually be sold well above original face value. In addition to this, Stub Hub passes along additional surcharges to the ticket buyer.

3. Travel Agents
Typically there are travel packages available to Florida that will include tickets to a desired college football bowl game. Many travel agents are able to arrange transportation, lodging and sightseeing opportunities. Certain agents will even advertise these bowl game travel deals in local newspapers or with online ads.

The high volume of Florida travel business makes most agents very familiar with the state. Therefore, they might be able to create a more personalized trip and/or quickly resolve game day problems that may arise. Aside from traditional agents, there are certain companies that serve people traveling specifically to sporting events

4. Fan Clubs and Associations
There are certain groups that offer Florida college football bowl game tickets to their members. Possibly some may even offer travel packages as well. Although membership is sometimes required to participate, some groups may waive that stipulation at times.

Normally this involves school alumni associations, but fans in the general public have organized groups as well. Poor sales of pre-purchased tickets or cancellations can have them looking to recoup lost money. In such cases, non-members might be allowed to buy tickets and/or travel with the group.

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almost 7 years ago

Awesome ides they helped me nail down some tix for this year's Citrus Bowl to go see my spartans in orlando i found some alumni here that are letting me any my wife go even tho we didnt go to state go spartans!

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almost 7 years ago

Awesome points there, never really thought about fan club kinda stuff.