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Texas Football Tickets - How to Get Affordable Texas Football Tickets

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One of the most historic and successful football programs in the country is the University of Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns, which play their home games in Austin, TX, are typically ranked near the top of the country nationally and are almost always a threat to win the Big 12 Conference title and the BCS Championship. Because of their success, the Longhorns’ are very successful and, even though their stadium holds over 100,000 fans, getting a ticket to a game can be quite difficult. While going to see a Texas Longhorns game is generally pretty expensive, there are several ways you can improve your chances of getting affordable Texas football tickets.

The most effective way of getting Texas football tickets for an affordable price would be to get season tickets. While committing to purchase tickets to 6 or 7 Texas games each year can be expensive, the per ticket price for a face value ticket is far less than what you would pay if you attempted to purchase tickets through a ticket broker. If you do not want to go to every game you get tickets for, you will easily be able to sell the tickets through a broker. In most situations, you will be able to sell the tickets for more money than you purchased them for. Due to the popularity of the Texas Longhorns, you should keep in mind that you may be on a waiting list for a few years before you will receive the tickets.

Another great way to get Texas football tickets for an affordable price would be to attend a non-marquee game. Every year, the Texas Longhorns play a few different marquee opponents which are ranked in the top-25. These games, which are typically played against the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Texas Tech Red Raiders, tend to be the most expensive games on the Texas schedule, and the market value tends to be far higher than the face value. To save money, you could go to a game against a team that is not considered a marquee opponent. Tickets for these games can often be found for face value of less. These games normally take place in August and September, which is before conference play takes place.

The third effective way to get Texas football tickets for an affordable price would be to go to a road game. Every year the Longhorns play about 12 different games, five or six of which are played on the road. While a Texas Longhorns game will be a popular event regardless of where it takes place, you will have a much easier time getting affordable tickets to a road game. Texas will typically play a couple of games on the road against teams whose base ticket price is less than half of those of a Texas home game. While you may have to drive awhile to get to one of these games, road games will end up being far more affordable than a home game.

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