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penis sexual erection stamina

Products offering male enhancement abound in today’s world. Anyone who reads men’s magazines, or who watches television programming geared toward men, is familiar with the male enhancement products on the market. But do they work? And if they work, which product is the best for male enhancement?

First, one has to determine the type of male enhancement being sought. Are you looking for greater stamina? Would you prefer more length? Are you searching for a stimulant or drug that will help you to gain and retain an erection?

The best-selling drug for gaining and retaining an erection is Viagra. Viagra and its competitors allow a man to get an erection by releasing blood flow to the penis. As many people know, the penis is made of cartilage, not muscle. When flow is increased into the penis, the blood cells expand. It is this expansion of blood cells within the penis that causes an erection. Because Viagra causes this blood flow to increase through the use of chemicals, and because chemicals affect different people in different ways, the duration and intensity of a man’s Viagra-induced erection can vary. This is why drugs such as Viagra come with warnings that one should consult a physician should an erection last longer than four hours. For men seeking help to get or keep an erection, Viagra and its ilk are a fairly safe choice.

The search for increased male stamina has existed for millennia. Depending upon the ancient culture one is researching, there are numerous historical cures for a lack of sexual endurance. Most of these miracle cures involve the use of aphrodisiacs. In the Philippines, an island nation south of Japan, men eat balut in order to increase their sexual performance. Balut, by the way, is an unfertilized duck embryo that is eaten by sucking the embryo from the shell with a straw. If duck embryos are not particularly tempting, the West offers other options. Many Western cultures believe that oysters are a boon to the sexual experience. Still others, such as the Scots, prefer haggis (the testicles of sheep).

Although foods designed to improve sexual performance may seem strange and silly, the reality is that they just might work. Oysters, haggis, and balut share something in common—they are all excellent sources of densely-packed protein. Accomplished athletes know that a diet rich in protein is excellent for increasing athletic endurance and stamina. It seems that, however distasteful these food choices might be to many people, they are capable of increasing one’s sexual stamina.

We are left confronting the issues of those men whose problem does not lie in sexual stamina or the ability to reach an erection. Instead, these men wish to increase the size of the penis in order to better please their sexual partners. These are men who firmly believe in the old adage that bigger is always better.

For centuries, different remedies have been prescribed for enlarging the penis, or at least for creating the illusion of a larger penis. Many men’s magazines have recommended waxing or shaving off the pubic hair in order to make an erect shaft look larger. This may work for some. However, many women do not like the sight of a waxed pubic area on a man, and repeating waxings can be costly and painful.

At the start of this new millennium, around the year 2000, products with a proven track record of growing the male penis began to appear on the market. Men using these products began to notice real results. These are results that can be both seen and measured. Some men grew a few millimeters, while a great many saw several inches’ worth of growth.

Is there any more room for penis improvement? It seems that, at long last, the best in male enhancement is available to every man. Men are able to gain and maintain erections for hours with assistance from little pills that can be taken discreetly. Men can increase their sexual prowess and stamina by eating diets rich in protein and taking the proper nutritional supplements. Men who are unhappy with their penis size can defy genetics and luck through the use of penis enlargement products that have been proven to enhance size.

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Just for future reference haggis is most definitely not sheep testicles! It's a sausage made up of the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep along with rolled oats and numerous spices. Nothing to do with testicles.