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Plus Size Swim Suit - How to Find the Best Plus Size Swimsuit for Your Body

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For many women, simply the thought of going swimsuit shopping instills dread and fear. Though most women have insecurities about their bodies, plus size women in particular get nervous about finding the “right” swimsuit for their body type. However, purchasing a great plus size swimsuit to flatter your curves is easier than you might think. Going swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, by carefully considering the shape and color of your swimsuit, you can find a fantastic plus size swimsuit that you will feel comfortable in.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a plus size swimsuit is to pick a style that works with your body type. The best options for fuller figures are a one piece swimsuit or a tankini style top that covers the stomach completely paired with full coverage bottoms. One piece suits in plus sizes often have a support panel built in to the torso area of the suit to slim the waistline and shape your body. Tankini style bottoms in plus sizes may have this feature as well. In terms of the upper portion of the swimsuit, good styles for plus size women are a halter top or a straight “tank top” style top with wider shoulder straps. Finally, some plus size women prefer a swimsuit bottom with a skirt. If you do want to wear a swim skirt, try to choose bottoms with a detachable skirt for more flexibility.

Whichever style of suit you choose, you must be sure that you choose the right size to compliment your body. You want a suit that hugs you tightly but doesn’t cut into your skin in any areas. One important place to check is the shoulder straps: they should be loose enough for you to run your fingers under each strap comfortably, and they should not cut into the skin. The best way to avoid a “bulge” effect on the shoulders is to choose a plus size swim suit that supports itself around your bust and does not rely on straps to hold it up.

After choosing the right size and style of your swimsuit, think carefully about your color selection. Generally, plus size swimsuits should be in a conservative, dark color like black, brown, or deep purple or navy blue. Don’t choose a bright, flashy color or pattern. Also, if you want a two-toned suit, make sure the bottoms are darker than the top. You want to draw attention to your best features and minimize attention on those areas of your body you feel less secure about.

Ultimately, plus size swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you think carefully about the right styles and colors to look for, your shopping trip will take less time and will likely be more productive. With these tips in mind, you will be able to find the perfect plus size swimsuit for your body.

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