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Used Car By Owner - How to Find a Used Car for Sale by Owner

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For those who are private used cars, there’s nothing better than having a wide variety of choices to choose from during the selection process. After all, no one wants to feel pressured into making a purchase that they aren’t comfortable with simply because it is the only option. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways to go about finding a used car without having to go to a dealership. By looking into the following options, you will surely be able to find a used car that is for sale by owner.

Paper Classifieds

Paper classifieds have always been a popular place for people to find used vehicles, and this continues to this day. Many people prefer paper classifieds because they are almost always locally oriented, meaning you won’t have to travel very far to pick up the used car you are looking for. The downside to paper classifieds is that the ads are usually just text-based, meaning that one will not likely be shown any images of the vehicle before they go to check it out. Regardless, paper classifieds are a great way to find used car that is for sale by owner.


Craigslist is an excellent resource for finding used cars that are for sale by owner, and many people cite Craigslist as being the ultimate in online local transactions. Since Craigslist lists all of its vehicles by geographic origin, finding a vehicle within your reach is far less difficult than most people make it out to be. While it is important to be careful when meeting anyone or making a purchase on Craigslist, the site offers one of the best services for finding vehicles on the Internet.


For those who are in the know, perhaps the best place to search online for used cars is on auto-trade forums. Since forums are usually populated only by those who truly care about vehicles, the chances that you will get ripped off in any way, shape or form are far lower than if you were to go through a different form of classifieds. Forums also allow you to search for exactly the type of vehicle you are looking for, which cannot always be said for other methods. By striking up a conversation with a like-minded individual, you will not only increase your chances of finding the vehicle you are looking for, but you may even make a friend in the process.

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