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Barbados Car Rental - Barbados Car Rental-Exploring The Island by Road

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Although small, Barbados is frequented by many tourists every year and is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Holiday travelers, business people and newly-weds love this tropical island.

Barbados is quite small and features an intricate system of roads that many visitors usually wish to explore during their stay at the island. To explore the destination, you will have to approach a Barbados car rental company and find out the types of vehicles they have for hire. You can go for luxurious air-conditioned cars or rugged jeeps. Most Barbados car rental agencies will bring the vehicle to your hotel or at the airport when you arrive. You will also be provided with a free road map.

Book in Advance To Avoid Disappointments
With many visitors stopping by Barbados for their holidays, you will want to book your rentals in advance to avoid the last minute hassles and inconveniences. Before you set off for your travel, look for cheap Barbados car rental companies and compare their rates. Browse through major car rental websites and find out which companies offer cheap services.

Reserving your car in advance also gives you an opportunity to compare what different companies have to offer. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the company regarding the car hire. Find out the exact fees you will be liable to pay. Also, check for any hidden fees in the form of drop off charges, late return charges and damage charges.

British Rules and Road Design
Barbados roads are designed in the British way and you should anticipate some differences when driving. For example, drivers are expected to keep left like the British. Keep within 20 mph when in the city if you want to avoid problems. For those traveling in the countryside, you can gas up to 45 mph or more. If a driver flashes you at an intersection, this is a sign for you to proceed. Although the roads are of fair standard, avoid driving at night since most of them are not well-lit.

Visitors are required to have an International Driver’s License. If you do not have one, you can obtain a temporarily visitor’s permit from most Barbados car rental agencies or from any nearby police station.
Should You Go for Large or Small Operators?
When looking for a Barbados car rental company, you should think of the type of firm you should go for. Large firms usually have a wide variety of cars to choose from and their prices are lower. On the other hand, smaller firms may not provide much in terms of the choices of vehicles but can offer tailored services for you.

Strike a balance between convenience and price when choosing a car hire company in Barbados. Business travellers who prefer luxury cars are likely to find what they need from large operators. Families on a vacation may decide to go for small operators if they are looking to save on r traveling costs.

Cost of Fuel
Fuel cost is something you should think about when hiring a vehicle from a Barbados car rental firm. A gallon of gas averages at USD 3 and you should factor this in your travel budget. Most firms operate on the principle that you will have to return the car with the tank full. If you took the car and did not use all the fuel in it, that is your loss.

If this is the principle of the Barbados car rental company, make sure that the car is fully filled when you take it. If you opt to return the car empty, you may pay up to 40 percent more than the cost of fuel. Also, there are no refunds for unused oil. Drive only when necessary when in Barbados. Also, you can opt for alternative means of transport like taking a bike ride or using public means.

Barbados is a great country to visit whether you are going for a business or family trip. The island’s intricate road system makes it easy for visitors to explore it. The cost of hiring a car can inflate your travel budget and thus it is important to have an idea beforehand how much Barbados car rental firms will charge for their services.

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