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Dish Vs Direct - Dish vs Direct: Which Satellite TV Provider is Best?

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The amount of different television service providers that are in existence today is astounding. These companies offer similar channels, special features, and monthly rates to their customers, but upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the differences between these companies can have an enormous impact on consumers’ lives. For instance, in the realm of satellite television alone, there are multiple different service providers that are reputed to offer excellent services. These television companies all offer the same wide-range television access but with distinct specialized features that make each company completely unique. When researching different satellite television providers, it is important that consumers research the specific aspects of each company in order to ensure that he or she subscribes to the service that will best suit his or her interests. For instance, consumers might want to look into Dish vs Direct TV satellite services.

Dish Network, established in the mid 1990’s, is one of the nation’s oldest existing satellite television providers. The company has therefore formed a rather loyal customer base which has been steadily growing throughout the years. Dish Network is generally valued for its customer service, which is controlled by a team of highly trained workers who are dedicated to their occupation. Dish Network’s satellite dish technology is also said to be one of the most highly advanced systems around. Dish Network has been evolving right alongside the development of technology. This company provided its customers with the most advanced satellite dishes available at the time of its establishment, and it continues to offer its customers only the best equipment as these dishes continue to become more and more modern. Many home owners consider this to be a vital aspect of Dish Network’s program. Having the most advanced satellite dishes enables home owners to receive the best quality television picture, the fastest loading speeds for on demand programs, and the least amount of weather related interference that is currently possible. Finally, at twenty-five dollars per month, Dish Network offers one of the lowest monthly rates for satellite television services in the entire country.

However, Dish Network is lacking in some areas. Many customers have reported issues with Dish Network once they tried to upgrade to more advanced features. The base price for Dish Network services is entirely reasonable, and the quality of these services are praised by most home owners. Unfortunately, after trying to add special features such as a DVR or premium channels, many customers assert that their positive experience with Dish Network instantly went sour. The monthly fee of these extra features is enormous; in some areas, it can cost almost two times as much to add DVR services to a Dish Network program than it would cost to add DVR to a digital cable service. Maintenance on these features is also very costly; Dish Network claims that it must send ‘specialists’ to inspect issues with advanced features, and this can cost home owners one hundred dollars per visit.

On the other hand, Direct TV’s special features are reputed to be outstanding. As the nation’s leading satellite television provider, Direct TV is known for its fantastic, cutting edge technology and engrossing attributes. Direct TV is renowned for its crystal clear pictures and excellent programming choices. Direct TV possesses one of the largest arrays of channels in the entire United States, with nearly three hundred channels offered in its premier package. Direct TV also offers one of the most extensive selections of HD programming when compared with its competitors. When choosing a television service, Direct TV certainly features some of the most high-class options of any of its competitors.

Of course, some people might find this extravagance to be a disadvantage rather than a benefit. All of Direct TV’s special features come at an inflated price. It is virtually impossible to find a decent rate on a simple television package – Direct TV offers its most basic programming at a rate of thirty dollars per month, but this price only lasts for one year. After the initial year has concluded, the price of Direct TV programming skyrockets. Furthermore, Direct TV’s employees are reputed to be clumsy, uninformed, and unqualified to assist customers.

Both Dish Network and Direct TV offer services that will please a different range of customers. As long as potential customers research Dish vs Direct TV services before making any financial commitments, they will surely be able to find a program that suits their needs.

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about 6 years ago

Dish Network and Direct Tv are the two major satellite tv providers in the US,to know the services that they offer,check for a satellite tv comparison online.