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Ernie Ball Guitar Strings - Benefits and Features of Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

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The Ernie Ball company manufactures a line of acoustic and electric guitars called the “MusicMan” series, as well as guitar accessories. Their guitar strings feature brand name quality and will maintain a crisp sound for about two and a half months if they are not subject to harsh treatment. In order to keep the sound of a guitar sharp and distinct, the strings should be changed once every two to three months.

The following are some of the most popular Ernie Ball guitar string brands:

Coated 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings

The Coated 80/20 Ernie Ball Acoustic Guitar Strings feature a proprietary enamel coating, and a distinctive plating on the plain strings which makes them rust resistant. This is an exclusive coating offered by Ernie Ball, and is one of the company’s signature guitar string features. All the plain strings are reinforced with a patented titanium glaze as they lock at the ball end of the guitar. The wound strings are encased in a mixture of alloys comprised of 20 percent zinc wire and 80 percent copper. This feature ensures overtones will sound crisp, and pleasing to the ear.

Gauges: 056 .044 .032 .024 .016 .012

Coated Slinky Strings

Ernie Ball Coated Slinky Strings are excellent for detuning and are manufactured with the latest technological advancements in guitar string production. All wound strings feature an exceptionally thin enamel layer that stops corrosion and decay over four times better than uncoated sets. Additionally, each plain string offers a rust-resistant alloy plating along with titanium wire reinforcement. The strength of the titanium stops slippage and breakage of the strings, and helps keep them in better tune than their traditional counterparts. Ernie Ball Coated Slinky guitar strings offer vibrant tones, as well as superior protection.

Gauges: 056 .044 .032 .024 .016 .012

Coated Phosphor Acoustic Strings

Ernie Ball Coated Phosphor Acoustic Guitar Strings offer a proprietary coating of enamel on each wound string, and rust and corrosion resistant plating is installed on the plain strings. In addition to the exclusive coating, all plain strings offer a patented reinforced winding of titanium wire around the guitar’s lock twist, similar to that of the 80/20 strings, however, the alloy combination in which the strings are wrapped features 92 percent copper and 7.7 percent zinc wire. Phosphor strings provide exceptional clarity with warm, rich overtones.

Gauges: 056 .046 .034 .026 .017 .013

Bass Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky Electric Strings are perfect for detuning to lower combinations. These are a special favorite of heavy metal musicians worldwide as they offer excellent drop C and drop D tuning. These lines of strings are manufactured to meet exact specifications so that they will perform consistently for the duration of their life. Beefy Slinky wound strings are manufactured from steel wire and feature nickel plating. High-carbon tempered steel is used to produce these strings, and this creates a perfectly balanced tone for any guitar on which they are used.

Gauges: 054 .042 .030 .022 .015 .011

Changing the Strings

When one wishes to change the strings on his or her guitar, some basic instructions should be followed. Beginning with the high E string, the strings must be unwound either by hand, or through the use of a string winder. One by one the strings should be unwound in this fashion and pulled out through the bottom of the bridge. The new strings should be threaded up through the hole in the bridge to the head of the guitar and threaded through the appropriate tuning peg’s hole. Approximately two inches of string should be left over once it has been threaded through the hole.

The strings should be held firmly in one hand, at the point where the head begins, while turning the string winder clockwise with the other hand. The string should be wound until it is tightly tuned. Some individuals use a pitch tuner to ensure the guitar is tuned properly. New strings stretch significantly, so right after installation, the guitar will probably need frequent tuning.

All Ernie Ball guitar strings are made with top quality materials and are hermetically sealed to ensure the strings remain in optimum shape until they are used.

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