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If you are looking for a low cost options for managing the content on your blog, then content management open source software is probably something that you should investigate. There are several benefits associated with the use of open source software. The most obvious benefit is that open source software is free and will never require licensing fees or maintenance costs. There are other benefits as well, but before discussing those it is important to explain exactly what open sources means.

Open software is always free. It can be distributed for free in any manner. Open source software must always be available as source code. This means that the software can be modified in any way by any programmer who wants to make changes. Software modifications can also be distributed for free, to any interested person.

The second advantage stems from the fact that open source software can be modified. Content management open source software applications have been widely available for years. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of amateur and professional programmers, there have been many improvements made on the original source code. The result is excellent free software for end users who want to use content management on their websites and blogs, but cannot afford to pay for high priced content management systems.

Content management open source applications generally run in the background of a website or blog and enable the site owner to modify not only the content, but templates for the site design, image libraries and other site features with a very low learning curve. Most open source systems are turnkey and make the process of designing and maintaining a blog simple for the everyday user.

The next advantage of using content management open source software as opposed to licensed applications is that there are fewer security risks with open source. It might seem that this is counter-intuitive. However, true programmers who enjoy working on open source projects will look for and find solutions to security holes. They will then make their knowledge public, so that they are able to make an important contribution to the development of the software application.

The final advantage is one that most people are concerned about and this is support costs. Although most open source applications are not supported by a single entity or person, there are almost always forums and discussion groups dedicated to discussing the projects. Here, end users will be able to gain information they need from the people who understand every intricacy of content management open sources software.

There will always be people who lean toward commercial licensed software. However, there are many content management open source projects out there for everyone to use and improve. There are so many reasons to use open source and more people start using these applications every day, once they realize that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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