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Easton Softball Bat - Professional Softball Players Swing An Easton Softball Bat - Should You?

bats it’s power time

Anyone who plays softball knows that this is a much more competitive arena than most people realize. People who fill-in from time to time might see a world they never knew existed. The people who play softball are often people who used to play high school, college, and sometimes even professional baseball. A couple of names to throw out there as far as former professional baseball players go are Jose Canseco and Ray Durham. These are competitive guys and they want to win no matter what sport they’re playing. When you’re playing against athletes of this caliber, it’s important that you have every advantage possible. The biggest advantage begins with equipment. The balls are important, but that’s up to the league or the team you play on. This leaves the bat as the most important piece of equipment for softball.

There are many different great softball bats. Back in the day, the #1 softball bat was a double-wall DeMarini. These bats were ahead of their time. You might still see them out on the field today, but there are only three potential reasons for this. Either that player is unaware of newer technology, he can’t afford a better bat, or he is aware that double-wall bats hit well in the cold weather. Of course, the latter only applies if it’s cold out. After the DeMarini bats came Mizunos. They were using bonsai technology, which allowed for a great trampoline effect. However, these bats were often end-loaded, which was really only advantageous for power hitters. These bats are rarely seen today. Then came Miken. This brand took the softball world by storm, which had everything to do with the Ultra and Ultra II. These bats were incredible. A line-drive hitter suddenly became a power hitter. Sadly, a ball was once hit so hard that it killed a pitcher. These bats were then outlawed. Combat followed with the B1 DaBomb, but this bat also had too much pop and was put on the senior league list, which means it can only be used in 55 & older leagues. Through all this, there is one name that has remained at the top of the list, which is Easton Softball Bats.

Easton never had the reputation of having that one monster bat that everyone wanted. At the same time, they have always produced a top three bat that offers great pop and excellent durability. The saying with Easton softball bats is that once you own one, you will never own another brand for the rest of your softball career. This is probably why most professional softball players use Easton softball bats.

The most popular Easton softball bat through the years has been the Easton Stealth. This is by no means a power bat, but everyone who swings it swears by it. There is something about an Easton bat that makes a hitter feel very comfortable. It’s feels like it’s an extension of your body. Everything is effortless. It’s the perfect bat for someone who is looking to place the ball. And it’s still a good bat for a big man or a smaller player with great bat speed. And if a player has neither yet still wants to hit for power, this bat is great for running up on the ball.

One of the best Easton softball bats for power is the Easton CNT Plus. In most leagues, the CNT Plus is only allowed in NSA and USSSA play. But this can depend on the region, so be sure to double check. This is also the case with the original CNT. If your league allows either of these Easton softball bats, be prepared to have a lot more pop when you swing.

One of the most unknown yet best Easton softball bats is the Easton Salvo. This is an in-between bat, which means they designed and sold it in-between two other models. Little did they know how effective the Salvo would be. This is especially true if this bat is end-loaded. If you get an end-loaded Easton Salvo, make sure you give it time. These bats take about 100 swings to break-in. It will also take a while to adjust if you’re used to swinging a balanced softball bat. Whether it’s end-loaded or balanced, if you want to swing what the pros swing, buy an Easton softball bat.

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