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Travel Garment Bags - How to Choose from the Vast Array of Travel Garment Bags

luggage fold carrying pockets

Selecting the most versatile luggage pieces that are appropriate for your lifestyle and travel habits is very challenging because of the diverse choices on the market. Travel garment bags used to be standard with any luggage set, but few suitcase groups include a garment bag since formal business clothes are worn in fewer areas of the country than in decades past. Sold separately from many retailers, the garment bag can possess any number of features, in an easy-to-carry design, but some travel and lifestyle considerations will clinch the final purchase decision.

Fabrics that were specially designed to be lightweight and water-resistant are all made of either nylon or polyester fibers. Sturdy fabric that resists tears will protect the travel garment bag from the possible snags that occur in the automated luggage systems that have become standard in the bowels of most airports. Self-repairing nylon zippers are strong and when the teeth are pulled apart from the side, the zipper pull will realign the zipper for continued use over the course of many years. Behind the zippered closure, many garment bags have multiple organizing pockets with various clasps for easy access to belongings. Internal tie-down straps are important to hold clothing straight to reduce shifting and wrinkles while the bag is being transported. On the exterior of the bag, pockets are placed on large and small surfaces to hold smaller clothing articles and personal care items. Locks ensure that the contents will remain where they were originally placed. For easy carrying, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap is secured to the upper corners of the bag.

Travel garment bags look very similar when lying flat for packing, but they vary from designs where the contents hang straight at their full length to the folded models that are normally checked at the airport. The bi-fold models are the most popular and traditional because of the ease of carrying the bag from a handle on the spine. The book-opening design allows open access to the contents. A single fold in the clothes is thought to cause fewer wrinkles and provide the best combination of storage space and maneuverability in transport. Some of the newest models of travel garment bags are tri-fold and reduce to a much smaller overall size. Great for a short business trip, the tri-fold has the same overall length as the bi-fold models, but folds into a more compact unit with a similar carrying handle. Just as wheeled suitcases are preferred by many travelers, there are wheeled versions of garment bags that rest on a frame with a telescoping handle that locks into both positions. Wheels are perpendicular to the frame for ease of use and control when drawing the suitcase behind while walking.

Frequent travelers will know exactly what is most important in the travel garment bag. For the road warrior, sturdy fabric with the lightest overall weight will be more important than pockets. Experts at packing light will purchase some necessities at the destination rather than carrying every convenience from home. Women appreciate a garment bag that has shoe pockets and a built in makeup organizer so that an additional cosmetic kit is unnecessary. Price varies enormously in the luggage industry because of proprietary materials and designs. Once the patents expire, the best features become standard across the entire product line and prices become more competitive. Garment bags that are used every week justify a higher price for additional features that meet certain needs for the traveler.

Car travel can be made easier by the addition of the garment bag to the luggage set. Carrying only the smaller travel garment bag into the hotel each night can make the trip more enjoyable. Repack the garment bag every three or four days from the large suitcase that contains all the belongings. Unloading heavy suitcases at every stop can be monotonous and strenuous, especially for the older traveler. Once the garment bag is used the first time, the traveler will wonder how he ever traveled without this versatile workhorse. Prior to purchase do research where pictures from every angle are available. Be aware of the return policies in case the bag proves to be too heavy and lacks the features that are needed.

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