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Georgia Football Tickets - Getting Georgia Football Tickets

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The University of Georgia has a very devoted fan base. As members of the powerhouse Southeastern Conference, the Bulldogs have won twelve SEC Conference championships. They also have won over 20 bowl games and two national championships. With such a winning tradition, it is no wonder that family, friends, faculty and staff begin the process of buying Georgia football tickets months before the season begins. The seat allocation system is methodical and precise. It takes time to work one’s way up to priority seating.

Student registration for discounted tickets is a two day affair. All baccalaureate and graduate students register with the number of units counting toward the priority of seating. This means if anyone has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and continues onto post-graduate studies increases their chances of getting tickets. Do be sure and register as a full-time graduate student however. Those carrying less than 9 units are actually considered after incoming freshman. Undergraduate students need to be sure registration, student fees and bursar payments are complete or they too will be bumped. In order to accommodate all student requests, it is difficult to get an entire season package. It is more likely one will have Georgia football tickets for some but not all home games.

Faculty and staff are required to provide proof of employment. However, being employed is not enough to warrant receipt of these coveted Georgia football tickets. There is a chance that an employee of long-standing may be rewarded with tickets on the basis of longevity alone, but support of the team is preferred. Support is demonstrated by repeated purchase of season faculty or staff seating. Applications must be accompanied by a prepayment, although there is still no guarantee of seat assignment. Any ticket fees paid but not fulfilled will be refunded. While it is possible in theory to purchase single game tickets, the faculty/staff section is a seasonal reservation. The more years one reserves tickets, the better the seating becomes. Missing a year, unless on sabbatical, can damage one’s standing and reduce chances of improved seats. Retired faculty members are still eligible for discounted tickets upon completion of appropriate forms with Human resources that keeps them in the computer system.

If one is not affiliated with the University except as a fan, one’s best chance to see one’s beloved Bulldogs will be to purchase season tickets. The University requires a donation to the William C. Hartman Jr. priority points fund in order to be eligible for season tickets. This fund establishes a priority points system that determines assignments of all things Georgia football tickets related. The fund allows the college to assign season tickets, priority consideration of seat relocation or additional seat requests and entrance to all post-season games the Bulldogs play. One can even get coveted game-day parking for the Florida rivalry game. Once on the assignment list it is recommended one contribute and buy tickets annually. Few season ticket holders give up their spots. Should one return after a year without participating, their current year contribution will be added to their history which places them back in the priority queue.

Season ticket holders may find themselves with tickets for games they cannot attend. In this case, the University of Georgia has established a relationship with a ticket reseller. Since it is a sanctioned business transaction, all season ticket holders can be confident they are getting a fair price for their tickets. This is also the best way for people to find single game Georgia football tickets. Single game tickets that are otherwise limited to students or those who contribute to the William C. Hartman fund become available all through the season. When purchased from this sanctioned reseller, one can be sure the tickets are genuine and authentic.

A winning tradition needs supportive boosters. The University of Georgia has fans all over the country. Whether they are current students or alumni, university employees or home town neighbors, these fans sell out Sanford stadium every season. The easiest way to get seats is to start a relationship with the team and nurture it for years. Through college attendance or season packages, University of Georgia football tickets get better with age.

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