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Mens White Suits - A Perfect Time to Wear Mens White Suits

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Mens white suits are a clean and sleek way for a man to present himself in public, whether it is at church, a wedding or formal engagement. Not only does this type of suit look fresh and clean, it’s also made to fit comfortably with and without the jacket. Even if there is no formal event to attend, a white suit can be worn during friendly gatherings or evening dinner parties. Whether the suit is worn on a spring day or during the middle of autumn, the inner shirts are made with either short or long sleeves to take advantage of any season.

Since there are so many varieties of mens white suits, they come in a long list of available fabrics, including polyblend and 100 percent virgin wool. Even though a majority of the suits you find are tailored and produced in America, many are shipped from foreign countries like Italy and France; in fact, the Genevie white suit is hand-tailored in Italy and comes with a striped, two-button coat. While some white suits are produced no different than a standard business suit, others are side-vented and may also come with two-pleat pants.

Buying Online

Some online shops are dedicated to selling only mens white suits, so you will most likely find a better deal online than at a men’s retail store. By purchasing online, there is a good chance you’ll find more varieties, such as the Montique – a white suit that has white stripes in the pants and shirt; this is usually the type of suit that is worn on the beach during a windy day. It doesn’t snug the body like other suits, and it flaps in the wind because of its loose-fitting fabric.


It’s not always true that mens white suits are priced according to their fabric; in most cases, the price is based on the style and brand. A fancy polyblend suit and a rayon/polyester suit can cost the same amount. In general, a white suit can cost anywhere from $100 to $300; however, both designer and custom-tailored suits can cost even more.

If the suit comes with a tie, coat, pants, vest and undershirt, then it will cost more than a white suit that only comes with a jacket, coat and pants. It is always wise to shop around before you commit to any suit, and it may be in your best interests to shop at a retailer so you can get it custom fit. If you purchase online, you risk the suit not fitting like you had hoped.

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