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Disney Resort Vero Beach - Vacationing at the Disney Resort in Vero Beach

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While Disneyland and Walt Disney World are world-famous spots, Disney also has a number of other vacation resorts around the world. Disney Resorts are perfect for family vacations or a weekend getaway for adults. The Disney Resort in Vero Beach offers a mix of elegance and casual style. It is located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida and is just a two hour drive from Walt Disney World.

Vero Beach in Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and exclusive golf courses. The spot is a favorite destination for those looking to enjoy some swimming, diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing. It is known as one of the best places for surfing in North America. It is also relatively close to the Kennedy Space Center. Many vacationers time their stays in Vero Beach in order to witness a shuttle or rocket launch.

The Disney Resort, located in Vero Beach, offers all of the style and quality that has come to be associated with the Disney brand. Many of the decorations and patterns in the resort are subtle images of the famous Mickey Mouse head shape. There is even a large swimming pool shaped like the world-famous mouse. There are a number of different pools in varying sizes and depths. Disney Resort of Vero Beach also has a designated swimming area for kids and a large water slide. Adults have access to a full spa and fitness center, while children can enjoy Blinker’s Arcade.

Tourists visiting the ocean for the first time can take lessons in surfing, snorkeling, and fishing. The Disney Resort also has mini-golf courses, soccer fields, and courts for volleyball, tennis, and basketball. There are numerous planned events for the kids, while adults may enjoy wine tasting and shuffleboard. Local attractions in Vero Beach include an art museum, the Mel Fisher Museum, and the Center for Manatee Education.

Dining options are a huge part of what makes or breaks a vacation resort. Disney Resort in Vero Beach has a wide variety of offerings for any taste. The city of Vero Beach has all of the usual chain restaurants as well as local places and food stands. Being by the ocean means that there are a lot of places for great seafood. Sonya’s is one of the more popular places due to its high ranking in Trend Magazine. This restaurant has a casual, romantic setting and is known for it’s seafood and steaks. Goofy’s Beachfront Breakfast offers your first meal of the day with entertainment and the company of Disney characters. Shutters is the perfect spot for various ethnic dishes, while Bleachers delivers drinks and snacks poolside. The Green Cabin Room is a small spot for drinks with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Disney Resort in Vero Beach has rooms available to accommodate any sized family or group. You can rent full-sized beach cottages, furnished studio rooms, and even large vacation houses. All accommodations offer fully-equipped kitchens, whirlpool baths, and a washer and dryer. Other options include porches, balconies, king or queen-sized beds, cable TV, and internet access. Cooking grills are also provided upon request.

For those looking for an ideal place to have their wedding or reception, Disney Resorts are the perfect choice. Resort management will work with you to plan the perfect event when you book in advance. They provide catering and service by friendly staff and cast members in full character costumes. The Vero Beach Disney Resort even makes a great place for conventions and business meetings.

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