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Rental Cars Maui - Vacationers Need Rental Cars on Maui

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Since the mass transportation network on the Hawaiian Island of Maui is not sufficient for vacation activities, anyone visiting Maui will want to rent a car. Vacationers arrive in Maui on airplanes from countries all over the globe, interisland planes from other Hawaiian islands, and on cruise ships. While tours and excursions provide the necessary transportation for participants, independent travelers will want to acquire a rental car on Maui for the duration of their stay. Since people arrive from everywhere, most will need to know the requirements, rental tips, and locations specific to renting a car on Maui.

When the Hawaiian vacation includes visits to multiple islands, a separate rental car reservation is required for each island. The rental car agencies operate independently, and weekly rates only apply to seven-day rentals on the same island with one rental contract. All drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license from their country of origin. The credit card used to pay for the rental must belong to the same person as the valid driver’s license. For citizens of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the driver’s license is sufficient identification, but for citizens of all other nations, a valid passport is also required to rent a car. An International Driver’s License is not considered legal identification without the accompanying passport. Insurance is required and can be purchased from the rental agency if sufficient coverage is not available from the individual’s car insurance policy from home. Special rates are offered on rental cars in Maui for tourists from Australia and New Zealand through special agreements with those countries.

Economic conditions in recent years have caused the rental car inventory to decrease dramatically, and the selection of cars is much more limited than in years past. Large groups may be required to rent two sedans instead of one van because of the changes in the market. Rental cars on Maui must be reserved well in advance of arrival. Early reservations can be changed as time passes, but the reservations are required because most rental agencies rent their entire inventory every day. Rental agencies add additional fees for extra drivers and for drivers between 21 and 25 years of age. If you plan to pick up the car at one location and drop it off at another, drop charges are applied to the contract. Fuel charges are applied if the rental car is not returned with a full gasoline tank. For those who rent a jeep with a removable top, a substantial fee is charged if the top is not in place upon return. When renting from an agency located on airport property, concession fees are charged for the privilege and convenience of the rental car agency’s location. All of these fees can increase the daily rental fee. Knowledge of each of these fees allows the traveler to make choices to optimize the travel budget and still afford a rental car for their time on Maui.

Surprisingly, there are two airports and a cruise ship port on the Island of Maui, as well as a popular area where most condominiums are grouped together on the south side of the island. Each of these areas also has rental cars available. Kahului International Airport is located on the northern shore of the island, and many rental car companies are located on or near the airport property. Down the Mokulele Highway on the south side of the island near Kalama Beach Park, many rental agencies offer rental cars for Maui tourists. When arriving from other Hawaiian Islands, West Maui Airport (JHM) also has rental car agencies ready to meet the needs of travelers. South on the Honoapillani Highway along the western shore, the Lahaina, Maui Port receives cruise ships full of travelers. For those wanting to rent a car, many agencies maintain offices with adequate inventories of rental cars.

Rental cars on Maui are accessible to the traveler who wishes to explore. There are some specific rules that apply to the terrain on the Island of Maui. Every traveler must be aware that off-road travel in rental cars on Maui is strictly prohibited by the rental contract. Even four-wheel drive vehicles are restricted to roads only. The wear and tear on the rental cars is considered too great to allow the vehicles to be used on the rugged terrain. Even some roads that are approved should be avoided because of the areas that are not well maintained. When seeking rental cars on Maui, read all of the fine print in the contract and understand the limitations. Make the reservation months in advance so that the car is waiting upon arrival.

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