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Indoor Electric Grills - Why choose an Indoor Electric Grill

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Everyone loves the taste of food cooked on a barbecue grill, but not everyone lives where cooking outdoors is possible. The indoor electric grill was created for the creative cook who can take the simplest foods and make a healthy meal for any number of people. Constructed of durable materials for safety and versatility, an indoor grill cooks foods that taste similar to grilled foods. Dozens of models exist on the market and have similar features, very distinct features, and some considerations that must be kept in mind.

Electric grills fall into the category based on features that are shared throughout the classification regardless of brand or design. Measuring approximately one foot front to back and two feet left to right, the grills are large enough to cook multiple foods at once while resting on a flat surface. An embedded heating element is housed in the base and powered by a standard 100-volt electrical cord and outlet. Wattage varies from 1300 watts to 1800 watts and determines the highest cooking temperatures that can be reached. The adjustable thermostat provides control over the cooking temperature. Non-stick cooking surfaces are standard on the indoor electric grill, and a removable drip pan makes clean-up easier. All of these grills include a detailed user manual and a recipe book for cooking methods and ideas.

Brand diversity has developed as features were identified as lacking in previous models. Removable cooking plates were the first improvement when customers said that cleaning the grill was difficult and dangerous because water might penetrate the electric base. Being able to submerge the non-stick plates allows for soaking cooking-on foods for easy removal without damaging the cooking surface. The next evolution was a reversible cooking plate with a grill surface on one side and a griddle surface on the other. Breakfast could be cooked on the griddle and lunch on the grill. While most indoor electric grills have one cooking surface under the food, a dual-surface model emerged so that food was cooked from both sides concurrently. Marketing claims were that food cooked faster, and the gentle pressure from the upper plate removed excess grease from the food and drained into the drip pan. Glass lids were added to some open-faced models to contain splatter and retain moisture in the food. The lid could be washed easily and stored with the grill. One model split the cooking surface to be two-thirds grill and one third covered griddle for combined cooking. Another innovative grill designer came up with the idea of placing the indoor electric grill on an independent stand that would eliminate the need for countertop space. This grill can be used outdoors next to the picnic table.

The combination of features is virtually endless so choosing the best model to purchase will require a number of decisions. Unless the indoor electric grill will used consistently, storage space will be required to remove the grill from the countertop. Family size and frequency of entertaining other people will determine the minimum size of the cooking surface. Since most models have been improved to make cleaning easier, the differences between cooking plates are minor. Some cooks prefer an innovative appearance in cooking appliances so visual appeal can be important. Price can be a determining factor, especially for gifts. The grill’s size and features determine the price category from inexpensive to moderate. Cooking power and accessories will push a grill into the upper end of the moderate price scale. Brand name is the determining factor for when a grill is categorized as expensive.

Personal preference plays a significant role in the useful lifespan of a small appliance. As long as a manufacturing defect is not found in the earliest months of product use, the indoor electric grill will last for many years and provide hours of cooking pleasure. Many cooks have mentioned that a new indoor electric grill does not live up to the first model purchased many years ago. Familiarity is what makes an appliance favored by a cook. Practice using every possible feature of the appliance will pull the grill from the back of the cupboard and place it firmly on the countertop for daily use. Understanding the distinct characteristics of the chosen model will improve the quality of the cooked food and enable the cook to obtain the sought after results time after time.

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