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Mens Shoulder Bags - The Next Generation of Accessorizing: Men's Shoulder Bags

leather samsonite fashion carrying

As fashion continues its perpetual march forward, new trends and opportunities for accessorizing are constantly opening up. The latest such trend for men is the shoulder bag, commonly called a “messenger bag.” Once seen almost exclusively in high schools and on college campuses, men’s shoulder bags have made the leap from utilitarian backpack to trendy urban accessory.

You can find shoulder bags in just about any high-end fashion retailer’s boutiques. The trend tends to be considered more European-inspired than purely American, and therefore European retailers in the United States are some of the best places to look for bags.

Lacoste, the storied French retailer known for its polos, has an ever-increasing presence in the United States and its upscale boutiques can be found in most major American cities. The company has recently committed itself to an extensive line of high-end mens bags and accessories. Collections within the last year have featured leather shoulder bags as well as mens shoulder bags in both brown and brightly-colored canvas material.

Of note is that Lacoste’s bags are all manufactured by Samsonite and come with a lifetime guarantee. Should any problems arise with their mens shoulder bags, repairs can be completed in-store or at any authorized Samsonite retailer. This fact isn’t well-known but really can make the difference between trying and buying. Samsonite is not known for poor-quality products.

If your preference is for something a bit more utilitarian, high-end outdoors retailer The North Face has a line of mens’s shoulder bags that are designed to withstand the elements — be they rain, sleet, or snow. The North Face sells insulated canvas shoulder bags that range in size from the typical messenger-style backpack to a large shoulder bag that deserves to go on a hike. Like its world-famous jackets, the bags come in a multitude of bright colors. The bags feature a lockable zip — just in case you’re carrying something around that you don’t want the world to see.

And, finally, for big spenders who are willing to shell out the big bucks for a bag made of only the finest leather (in some cases, the finest Italian leather), this trend extends to all the highest-end retailers, from Louis Vuitton and Gucci to the perennially-stylish Burberry line of bags for men.

Burberry’s bags, as of late, tend start in the mid-600s and the prices escalate from there depending on size, style, and other factors. The classic Burberry pattern is, of course, standard on every bag in one way or another. And any man worth his weight in fashion know-how knows that there’s an element of “instant class” when one goes out on the town wearing that famous Burberry plaid in one way or another.

Overall, the options available to men seeking a trendy shoulder bag are endless and getting more endless by the day. From the stylish Samsonite-crafted Lacoste bags to the high-end Italian leather of Gucci, men now have as many options for their shoulder-based accessorizing as their women counterparts.

And since most men are usually carrying around iPads, laptops, and any number of other essential daily items, why shouldn’t they? These bags are as essential as the things that you will no doubt be carrying around inside of them.

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