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Boston Ma Travel - How to Get the Most Out of Travel to Boston, MA

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Over 12 million visitors travel to Boston, MA annually for a reason; this city has it all. Boston has an electric, modern feel to it that is perfectly juxtaposed to its wealth of history. Traveling to Boston, MA will be well worth the time and effort whether the reason is a family vacation, a class trip, or for business.

Getting around Boston, MA can be a fun adventure of its own with impressive amounts of public transportation available including bus, rail, subway, and ferry services which often provide breathtaking city views. Cabs, bicycle rentals, and one’s own feet are also recommended. Due to occasional bouts of rain and fog tourists are well advised to have a camera ready for such conditions.

Endless opportunities abound in Boston, MA for travelers to find entertainment. Boston, Massachusetts hosts over twenty museums including the Sports Museum of New England, a renowned Museum of Science, an updated Children’s Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Since January of 1980 the Shear Madness Comedy Play has been performing regularly. The Boston Pops and the world-class Boston Ballet are also highlights.

The five professional sports teams in Boston, MA include the Boston Red Sox MLB team, the Boston Celtics NBA team, the NFL Patriots football team, the Bruins NHL team, and the New England Revolution Major League Soccer team. These professional teams, plus the four minor league teams, not to mention the plethora of college and university sports makes catching a game in Boston a breeze.

There are only two cities in America that have more college graduates (per capita) than Boston. This is a well educated city boasting about fifty colleges and universities. Massachusetts is known for being a leader in the education, healthcare, and finance industries.

Traveling to Boston, MA is a place to see and feel history come alive. Boston became a township in 1630, a city in 1822, and today it stands as the cultural and economic icon of New England.

Partly due to its long history, many people refer to distinct sections or neighborhoods in Boston; it may be wise for a visitor unfamiliar with the city to get an accurate map of these neighborhoods. One may have some trouble understanding the Boston accent at first and being familiar with some landmarks may make getting directions from locals easier. Here is a taste of five, historically-significant neighborhoods in Boston, MA all worthy to be traveled to.
1. Faneuil Hall will have cuisine sure to fit anyone’s cravings, it is located in the Government Center, also sometimes called Faneuil Hall.
2. Hyde Park is home to one of the two municipal golf courses in Boston, the George Wright Golf Course; this is the proper southernmost area of the city.
3. Back Bay is a posh place for trendy shops and dining; it includes the famous Trinity Church.
4. Boston’s Chinatown is the third largest of its kind in the United States. Chinatown hosts a popular August Moon Festival and is near a recently changing part of the city, now becoming known as the Leather District in which old leather factories are becoming homes.
5. The South End neighborhood of Boston is commonly known for its classic brown-stone houses, its rich cultural diversity, and its over thirty parks.

The nation’s first walking tour called the “Freedom Trail” is a guided or self-guided tour of sixteen important historical sites. One can begin a guided tour near Faneuil Hall, or plan about three hours for a regular-paced, self guided tour. However, those prone to linger could easily fill an entire day on the “Freedom Trail.” The tour includes the site of the first, American, public school and the site of the Boston Massacre.

The Greater Boston Convention and Visitor’s Bureau should offer reliable information for any visitor to Boston, MA whether the purpose for the visit is business or pleasure.

Boston, MA is a fantastic place to visit with its wealth of entertainment opportunities, sporting event options, historically significant landmarks, and amazing shopping and dining venues, all in an easy-to-access city. Getting the most out of a visit to Boston, MA is as easy as getting into the city itself.

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