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Car Insurance In Ireland - Steps To Getting Car Insurance In Ireland

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Today, it is possible to get cheap car insurance in Ireland thanks to the falling insurance rates over the years. While the rates may be higher than in the United States, there has been a significant drop for some time now. Moreover, the increased competition among insurance companies is good news for car owners. You can save hundreds of Euros by simply getting the right company to take cover from.

Below are some tips that will help you get cheap car insurance in Ireland:

a) Shop Around for Affordable Rates
Irish are not poor drivers. The prevailing high insurance rates are as a result of past events that resulted to vandalism of cars and thefts. The best way to get an affordable policy is to search online at an insurance rate comparison websites and look for reviews of different companies.

Also, shop around before you settle for a particular insurance company. Find the difference between the costliest and cheapest insurance policies; you could save up to 200 percent.

b) Work With an Insurance Broker
You can visit a broker’s office and hire him to look for affordable car insurance Ireland companies for you. Alternatively, get the broker on the phone or online and outline your requirements. Online interaction is fast and convenient. However, if you prefer a face-to-face interaction, schedule a meeting with the broker.

c) Check Websites of Car Insurance Ireland Firms
If you would like a broker to assist you with choosing the right car insurance policy in Ireland but do not have time to visit his physical location, contact him online. You can also get free quotes from different agencies easily at quotes websites. There, you will only need to fill in your name and basic information about your income and within seconds, your requirements will be matched to insurance firms that have tailored policies for you.

d) Talk to the Broker in Person
When you have all the information you require about car insurance in Ireland, it’s time to meet the broker. Find out from him how much you will be required to pay. Also, read the fine print of the contract and understand your obligations and what the insurance will cover. If there are any discounts offered by the company, inquire whether you qualify for them. Do not forget to look for hidden charges in the form of administrative and set up fees in the contract.

e) Match the Quote
If you get a better offer from a competitor, call the insurance company and inform them of this new development. They will most likely match the quote or offer you lower premiums. With increased competition in Ireland’s insurance sector, all companies will try to give you the best deal for you to stay with them.

What Determines Car Insurance Rates?
Knowing what car insurance companies in Ireland consider to determine the amount of premiums you should pay is important and can help you to get further savings. Below are 5 factors that they consider:

a) Age of the driver- Young drivers typically pay higher premiums that senior citizens as they are considered high risk drivers. Studies show that more than half of car accidents in Ireland involve young people, usually below 25 years.
b) Driving record- If you have a poor or no past driving record, you will pay higher premiums than someone who is in good standing with traffic laws.
c) Type of car-SUVs and other luxury cars attract higher premiums than other cars. When buying a car, keep in mind of the insurance charges you will be expected to cough for the car.
d) How secure is your car?- If your car has additional safety and security features such as instant brakes, anti-theft locks, alarms, air bags and so on, you can expect cheaper premiums.
e) Average annual mileage-If you are a regular driver and cover many miles per year, your rates will be higher than that of a person who drives less frequently.

Car insurance Ireland firms have started reducing their rates and this is bound to continue is the coming years. You can get cheap car insurance if you do your research well and shop around for different insurance companies.

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