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Lexar Compact Flash Card - Buying a Lexar Compact Flash Card

the lexar difference sizes

Unlike other flash memory card companies who cater to a wide variety of digital media devices, the Lexar compact flash card is created with the professional photographer and photo hobbyist in mind. Using a Lexar card is one method of storing your digital photographs for later use; this is also a good way to clear your camera’s internal memory and keep it from getting bogged down with excessive image files. Because of its design, it is not normally compatible for use on standard SD card-enabled music players; however, Lexar does make standard SD cards that fit in most portable digital devices.

The Lexar Difference

What makes the Lexar compact flash card so important to photographers is its fast download speeds when transferring files from the card to the computer. In fact, when transferring photos from the camera to the computer, it reaches speeds of 300x, which is equal to 45 megabytes per second. However, smaller Lexar cards, such as the Platinum II 80x, transfers files at 80x or 12 megabytes per second. The size of the card matters when deciding if you need faster transfer rates.

Lexar cards have enough memory to capture HD videos and fast-shooting photographs. If you have Lexar Backup N Sync software, you can backup, sync and share all of your photos with Sharpcast. The photos can also be sent directly to image manipulation software for editing and management. Because of the large sizes and fast transfer speeds available from Lexar, photographers can focus more on their business rather than switching out cards.


A Lexar compact flash card ranges from four to sixteen gigabytes; the more space provided by the card, the higher the price will be. If you don’t need much space, you can look to pay anywhere from ten to forty dollars for an eight gigabyte card. Of course, when you purchase one of these cards online, it is probable that you will spend much less than if you buy one in an electronic retail store.

There are literally hundreds of online shops that sell Lexar cards, and some will offer a better discount than others. It’s true that you can find a 16 gigabyte card for roughly the same price as a four gigabyte card; however, be sure to notice the transfer speeds of that card. Just because the higher gigabyte card costs less doesn’t mean that the transfer rate is very fast.

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