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Neutrogena Acne Treatment - Is There A Neutrogena Acne Treatment That Is Right For Me?

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Like many successful companies, Neutrogena had humble beginnings. Founded in 1930 as “Natone” by Emanuel Stolaroff, the company initially catered to high-end Hollywood beauty salons. In the 1950s, Stolaroff became familiar with a unique soap invented by a Belgian chemist. It was clear, mild, easily rinsed from the skin, and kept Ph levels stable. The latter characteristic led to the product name-Neutrogena.

Stolaroff saw a market for this soap and arranged to import the unusual product. Although his company typically catered to beauty salons, the market he sought for this soap was the average person via drugstores and the like. Over the next decade the soap became popular and so closely identified with the Natone Company that the company name itself was changed to Neutrogena.

The newly appointed company President began extolling the virtues of Neutrogena soap to dermatologists. The medical community’s appreciation for the gentle effects of Neutrogena led to an advantageous position in the marketplace. This medical endorsement helped the company develop its own line of gentle skin care products and, subsequently, a line of hair care products.

Neutrogena was procured by Johnson & Johnson 1994 and remains a successful wholly owned subsidiary with sales in over 70 countries (http://www.neutrogena.com.ph/history.aspx).

One of Neutrogena’s latest product launches was their acne treatment line including maintenance treatments, acute breakout treatments, and a system that allows customers to personalize a regimen based on their own input.

Maintenance treatments are designed to prevent breakouts. These include products for both face and body. Body products include Body Clear Body Scrub. This is meant for use in the shower or bath, in place of regular soap or as a wash for problem areas. As a foaming scrub containing salicylic acid, it removes dead skin cells allowing for deep cleansing. For some, a scrub may be too much. Luckily, Neutrogena offers a non-scrub wash similar to a shower gel that contains the same active ingredient without the abrasion of a scrub. While both of these products are positively reviewed on Drugstore.com and acnekit.neutrogena.com, some users experienced dry skin with daily use.

Similar to the body products, maintenance products for facial cleansing/acne treatment include a scrub and foaming wash, as well as a cream cleanser. The active ingredient in all three products is also salicylic acid and works in the facial products the same as it does in the body products. As with the body products, these are positively reviewed with a few reports of dry skin with daily use.

Neutrogena has a variety of treatments for acute acne breakouts. On-the-Spot cream contains a small amount of benzoyl peroxide (BP), 2.5% vs. 5-10% in other products. BP can cause irritation and dryness, so this smaller concentration is popular among reviewers. Another acute breakout treatment is Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight and Fade gel. Active ingredients are salicylic acid to clear the breakout and glycolic acid to promote cell regeneration. This allows the blemish to clear without leaving a scar. It also claims to begin visibly clearing blemishes within 8 hours. According to the reviews it does exactly as advertised. The third product is Rapid Clear Sore Pimple Gel. This product uses salicylic acid to clear the blemish and menthol to calm redness and soreness within 8 hours. Again, the product is positively reviewed, although some users found it took more than 8 hours to see progress.

Finally, Neutrogena offers its Skin ID line. The customer first takes a 20 question skin and lifestyle survey at http://www.skinid.com. Neutrogena then recommends a three step regimen based on the answers. Proposed regimens can range from simple cleanse, tone, moisturize, to morning salicylic acid, daytime benzoyl peroxide, and evening calming solutions. Reviews for the Skin-ID system are less consistent than those for the other products. Reviewers either loved it or hated it. Additionally, this is the most expensive option offered by Neutrogena, at a cost of over $40. Other Neutrogena products discussed herein range from $7-$15.

Neutrogena acne treatments are well liked by consumers and have the backing of a company with a sound reputation. Most products are reasonably priced and offer enough choices that most consumers should be able to find a product or regimen that will meet their needs.

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