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Outdoor Christmas Ornaments - Choosing The Best Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

hanging ornaments free-standing ornaments strings and wreathes

During pagan times, people would celebrate the winter solstice by bringing nature into their homes; this included trees and shrubbery, which were then decorated and kept until the arrival of spring. This tradition continued as Christianity developed, and presents were wrapped and placed under the tree as a representation of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men.

In this day and age, Christmas decorations are not only used inside the home but outside as well. In fact, neighborhoods around the world have competitions where they decorate their yards and homes with outdoor Christmas ornaments, including lighting, candy canes and plastic reindeer.

Hanging Ornaments

Ornaments for the Christmas tree have been recreated in a larger form to fit most outdoor trees that grow naturally in the yard. In fact, some people will decorate their oak, maple and pine trees with the same tinsel and lights that they use on the indoor Christmas tree. These outdoor Christmas ornaments are also made to withstand the natural elements, so snow and rain will not destroy their bold colors or the wiring that may run through them.

Most department stores and online retailers have a large selection of outdoor Christmas ornaments for sell between ten and sixty dollars; prices may vary depending on where the ornament is purchased and whether or not it is on sale.

Free-standing Ornaments

Free-standing outdoor Christmas ornaments are quite popular and include Santa Claus and his reindeer; not only can these be placed firmly in the ground using a stake but also on the roof using placeholders. Most, if not all, have lights either strung around them or inside them to make them glow at night. They are more expensive than the average ornament, but their effect is definitely noticeable. Santa’s elves are also a common yard ornament, as well as large candy canes leading to the door.

Another popular free-standing Christmas ornament used outdoors is the nativity scene with baby Jesus; this can also be combined with an illuminated cross in the background. Both of these ornaments can range in price from sixty dollars and up.

Strings And Wreathes

String lights come in a variety of lengths, including multicolored and plain white bulbs. These can be used to twist around porch columns or follow window borders; some people use them to follow every edge of the home and even the roof. Outdoor Christmas ornaments are more than just bulbs and reindeer, they can also be in the shape of wreathes that are hung on the door.

Wreathes come in a variety of sizes and are created from all types of material. Some are green with pinecones and bows, while others are white with strands of lights strung throughout them. Wreathes and bulb ornaments are probably some of the less-expensive ornaments you can by for outdoor use, and both are made to be durable and resist the cold weather.

As you can see, outdoor Christmas ornaments are much more than simple red, green and gold balls that are hung from a tree; they are large deer, jolly old men, delicious candy canes and lighted wreathes. Because some of these ornaments can dig into the Christmas fund, it is best to do some comparative shopping before spending too much money on a plastic red-nosed reindeer for the front yard.

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