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2 Men And A Truck - An Inside Look at 2 Men and a Truck

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2 Men and a Truck is one of the largest moving company franchises currently operating in the United States. Since the company was first founded in 1985, the company has emerged to become the biggest moving company in the country, and 2 Men and a Truck has recently begun expanding into the Canadian and Irish market. There are now more than 200 2 Men and a Truck locations located worldwide, and the company has earned a rock solid reputation for offering customers some of the most reliable relocation service in the industry. Here is an inside look at what you need to know about the 2 Men and a Truck company and its many services.

A Brief History of 2 Men and a Truck

The 2 Men and a Truck company was created by two teenage brothers, Brig Sorber and John Sorber, who used an old pickup truck to earn some extra cash completing odd jobs for friends, neighbors and acquaintances around their native home of Lansing, Michigan. The mother of the Sober brothers, Mary Ellen Sheets, drew a simple logo for her sons’ company displaying the two boys in the front cab of a big truck. By the time that the Sober brothers were ready to start college, their little 2 Men and a Truck operation had gained such a large customer base that Sheets decided to purchase a larger truck and continue to run the business on her own.

At the time, Sheets was working as a systems analyst for the state of Michigan and simply hired a couple of movers to continue picking up jobs around town as orders came in. After donating all of the first year’s profit to a handful of different charities, she took the advice of one of her peers and began offering the company as a franchise opportunity for various entrepreneurs in the region. Within a few short years, 2 Men and a Truck became recognized as one of the most high-performing franchises for small business owners. 2 Men and a Truck continues to be a privately held company and is now operated by CEO Brigham Sorber.

2 Men and a Truck Home Moves

Although the 2 Men and a Truck company has franchises located throughout the country, it is important to note that all of these franchise locations largely operate independent of one another. As a result, 2 Men and a Truck is only able to offer home moves within the local area of each particular franchise. However, customers can be confident that every 2 Men and a Truck franchise will delivery superior moving services compared to most of the locally owned and operated moving companies in your area.

While it might be tempting to support a small business owner by hiring a local moving company that is not part of a larger franchise, the truth of the matter is that these smaller operations often have far less experience and far lower quality standards than a more established company like 2 Men and a Truck. 2 Men and a Truck’s movers have experience with operating around all of the many logistical challenges that can come up when you are moving from one home to another, such as home owner’s association restrictions, handling multiple loading locations and working around a difficult time schedule.

2 Men and a Truck Business Moves

When it comes to handling business moves, 2 Men and a Truck has gone a long way from the days of the Sorber brothers and their old pick up truck. 2 Men and a Truck now has a fleet of over 1200 clean and well maintained trucks with staff that are trained to handle everything from relocating professional and government offices to handling retail store moves, installing medical equipment and handling sensitive financial or personal information. Unlike some of their competitors, you can depend upon 2 Men and a Truck movers to arrive in a clean truck, wearing clean uniforms and presenting a pleasant, professional disposition. 2 Men and a Truck also specializes in offering an experienced, on-site move manager who will work hands-on with building managers and business owners to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date on the process of the move.

2 Men and a Truck Franchise Opportunities

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