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Classic Car Online - How to Find a Classic Car Online

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For those who like to collect classic cars, there’s nothing better than the thrill of driving one away after purchasing it. While classic car collecting used to be based heavily upon word of moth and paper classifieds, finding the perfect classic is far easier now than ever before. The Internet has had a profound effect on how people find and purchase vehicles, and this extends to acquiring classic cars. By taking the following methods into consideration, you’ll be driving away in a classic in no time.


Many people have negative things to say about Craigslist, but the fact is that it is without a doubt one of the best resources on the Internet for those who are interested in collecting classic cars (or vehicles of any kind, for that matter). Craigslist’s locally based auto-trading section is perfect for people who wish to find classic cars that are located in and around their area, and the simple process of contacting the seller via Craigslist means less time dealing with red tape and more time looking at classics. For the locally-oriented collector, there’s no better solution than Craigslist.

Auto-Trade Forums

For those who are looking for extremely specific classic vehicles, it helps to be able to have a little bit of back and forth with other people who are in the know. Auto trader forums have made finding the perfect classic easier than ever, as users are able to post about exactly which car they are looking for using an ISO, or “in search of” post. While auto-trade forums are extremely versatile, finding a vehicle in your area may be a bit more difficult when using this method, as most auto-trade forums are not organized geographically. Nevertheless, utilizing an auto-trade forum is a great way to find a specific vehicle, and can help you to brush up on your knowledge of classic cars.

Online Dealers

While most people who purchase and collect classic cars like to deal solely with individuals, sometimes dealers are the way to go – especially if they have a specific vehicle that you’re looking for. The internet has made finding a used-vehicle dealer far easier than ever before, as most middle-to-large sized auto dealers have websites which list their current stock of vehicles. If you’ve had difficulty finding a classic car through Craigslist or forums, online used-car dealers may be your best bet, and looking into them is never a bad idea..

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