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Swimming Pool Cost - Use Swimming Pool Costs to Help Determine if a Pool is a Good Decision

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When the heat is sweltering and the weak fans just aren’t working, you start to dream of cooler days. An air conditioner can help a bit, but nothing cools you off quite like a nice swim. Unless you are fortunate enough to live with a lake in your backyard, a pool is your only choice. You may be hesitant to get a pool, with good reason. Swimming pools cost a lot of money, time, and effort. You picture yourself lounging in a tube, swimming laps, or diving off a diving board, but you need to be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for unwanted problems.

The first and most important swimming pool cost is the financial cost. How much money will you need to spend to buy the pool, install the pool, and take care of the pool each year? The price of your pool will depend on what pool you get including its size. Of course an in-ground pool will cost a lot more than an above ground pool. If you really want a nice in-ground pool, you have to be prepared to pay extra. Of course, there is more to it than just in-ground or above ground. How big will it be? Do you want a kidney shaped pool? Do you want a deep end and a shallow end? Even more so, do you want a diving board, deck, slide, waterfall, landscaping, etc.? Of course, the more you add to the base of the pool, the more it will cost. To save money, skip the extras, at least to start out.

In addition to the price of the pool itself, you will also need to have it installed. If you are a real do-it-yourself kind of person, you might be able to pull it off. Of course, that’s only if you are doing an above ground pool. If you want an in-ground pool, there is a lot of digging that will require equipment. Ultimately, by having professionals do it, you can be sure it will come out right with no future problems. The more complicated and the larger the pool, the more it will cost. When shopping for a pool and looking for the best price, factor in the cost of installation as well.

The next cost is the price of maintaining your pool. You will need to fill your pool with a lot of water that costs money. When you close up the pool for the winter, you will probably drain a lot of the water. That means you need more water again. You will need tools to take care of it including a skimmer and a vacuum. If you are worried the water will always be cold, you’ll need a heater. Chlorine is important and will be used the whole pool season. Supplies are a big part of owning a pool.

Now for the non-financial costs. A pool will also cost you time and effort. It takes time to prepare, maintain, and close up a pool each year. You have to skim the pool regularly to keep bugs, leaves, and debris from falling to the bottom. You have to vacuum the pool from time to time to remove any bugs and debris that did settle. If your pool grows algae, you’ll have to clean and take care of it. Chlorine and chemicals need to be added periodically. Clean out the filter from time to time and make sure it’s working right. Closing up the pool is also a chore. You need to drain out some of the water. Pulling the cover over is tough with an above ground pool and will require multiple people.

If you have a few people taking care of the pool, it will take each person less time and effort. Throw the burden on one person and it’s a lot more work. If you’re lucky, you can afford to pay someone else to do it. Even with all the swimming pool costs, usually swimming in the pool is worth it. It is even more worth it when you know lots of people are getting use out of it. Pools are great for parties and for staying cool. Talk with your family about getting a pool for next summer!

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