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Thank You Wedding Cards - Why Thank You Wedding Cards are still Necessary

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Weddings big and small remain one of the truly special celebrations of one’s life, for the couple that is newly wed as well as their invited guests who get to enjoy the party. Meticulous planning is involved as well as care to make certain everything runs perfectly. So, when choosing wedding stationary, remember to order matching thank you cards.

Thank you cards may seem as old fashioned as a responsible guest who responds in a timely manner to an RSVP, however a wedding is a formal event where both customs are still regularly observed.

A thank you note is always one of the best ways to remind your guests how much you care for them. In the midst of the hectic festivities, you may not be able to spend as much time as you would like with each and every guest, but without your guests, the celebration would not be what it is.

Remember these few items when composing thank you cards for guests. First these cards should be hand-written and personalized by yourself or your spouse. Open with a traditional greeting: dear so-and-so (comma). Only a brief note is needed, to transmit the appropriate sentiments. Thank your guests for the particular gift they gave, and mention specifically how it will be a great addition you your new life. For example, “we cannot wait to have a dinner party with our new stemware!” If they attended the church or reception, note how much you enjoyed their presence; if they could not come, note how you regretted not seeing them. If they arranged a party or shower, make sure to include a special thank you within the note. You can add anything else you feel right; what is important is that it is personal to the guest and from the heart. Sign the cards with a closing: best wishes or love, and as a newly married couple, sign with both your names. Address the envelope with your return address so everyone has the new information.

Thank you cards may feel like one more un-needed task in a steady stream of wedding drama and obligations, however, taking time out to complete this task will bring a sense of fulfillment to you and will be graciously felt by your guests who are remembered in the whirl-wind of excitement. If you have a long thank you list, get started as soon as the presents start coming in and complete a few cards every night until you are finished. It is traditionally expected to receive cards within two-weeks after you return from your honeymoon; however it is more important that you complete them than worry over the protocol of a time-frame. Voila! Your official nuptial duties are complete.

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